Little Fire Station

Uploaded:January 12th, 2018
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Little Fire Station for Android is an incredibly fun and funny simulation game for mobile firefighters on mobile. With cheerful graphics, exciting firework gameplay, Little Fire Station for Android is perfect for you to relax in this summer.

Download Little Fire Station Mod APK for Android

The job of fire and fire prevention is challenging, hard and dangerous but very happy cause of people’ life protection. Let us learn about this honor career through fun educational games Little Fire Station for Android. Help the little firefighters complete the task of fire extinguishing, animals saving or engaging in many other adventurous adventures. Additionally, players have the opportunity to experience their daily work. Explore the fire station, interact with objects, animals and more firefighters in the room. In Little Fire Station for Android, players will visit every corner of a typical fire station, from firefighting rooms, kitchens to bunk beds.
Little Fire Station for Android combines an optimized hidden object finder gameplay suitable for children. The essence of the game is focused on exploration and discovery. The different rooms in the fire station are full of cartoon characters, and many secrets await players to conquer. The mechanism of control is extremely simple. Touch to interact with objects, swipe to switch to another scene, even younger characters can also choose through the application.

Features Game Little Fire Station for Android

  • Popular design, suitable for all objects
  • Optimized controls for children from 3 to 5 years old
  • Four unique rooms and lots of things to look for
  • A fire truck with a lot of different rescue missions
  • The collection and mission are plentiful assuring the excitement
  • Cute cartoon character design, lovely
  • Good music
  • No need to connect to the Internet or wifi, play the way you want

Little Fire Station for Android by Fox & Sheep released with the desire to bring fun but educational games to help children improve knowledge of the world around. Every adventure, every mission is a discovery, practical with daily life. If you want to know more about firefighting, Little Fire Station for Android is an absolutely perfect option.


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