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Lionheart: Dark Moon has been released for free on the Google Play app store. Lionheart: The Dark Moon is the next sequel to the successful Lionheart Tactic in 2014. At this time, Lionheart Tactics was born with a tactical simulation game with context and graphics, which are influenced by classic titles like Final Fantasy VII or Disgaea.

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Those who are fans of the game collection Hero, forming a team would certainly be easy to familiarize with the virtual world of Lionheart: Dark Moon when the game provides more than 100 generals with different storylines.

The story of the Lionheart: Dark Moon takes the player to the task of destroying and repelling the dark forces by destroying Shards of Whisper. Players can bring in up to 4 heroes in their squad, so players need to select the right Hero. The cooperation feature is essential factors to the final victory.

As mentioned, Lionheart: Dark Moon still shows the clear impact of Final Fantasy VII, but the graphics quality has made a significant breakthrough. All characters are built with beautiful 3D visuals like fan-art, imagines are not too complex but full of personality and sophistication. Besides, the movement is made carefully, the beautiful skills effect. Everything has created a picture of the label at hand gamers. Try to collect valuable rewards after completing the missions, successful boss battles, or participating in events to receive a lot of valuable trophies. Strengthening the equipment and skills of the character becomes stronger.

In addition to the regular PvE mode, Lionheart: The Dark Moon Mod APK also features a flamboyant PvP feature that allows you to compete against other players in the world. Besides, new features such as Guild, Guild Wars, weekly Events… are also expected to emerge in the coming time.


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