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LINE Heroes of Arzar is the newest product of the LINE Corporation, which was built on the familiar Turn-based Strategy genre. It incorporates MOBA elements that make the game very attractive. Currently, Heroes of Arzar (Mod version) is carrying out the soft-launch in certain areas, if you are interested in this hybrid game, you can download it to experience before.

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Heroes of Arzar (HoA) is a very harmonious mix of genres, from the familiar characteristics of Turn-based Strategy to the elements of the MOBA genre. Besides, HoA gives players a lot of game modes and most of them are PvP real-time. The graphics of the game is designed quite funny with card style. If you have been a fanatic of the Nintendo Fire Emblem series, it will probably be easy to spot HoA’s familiar control and battle mechanics and will certainly be able to grasp the basic rules of the game. However, for HoA, instead of controlling a certain group of troops, the player only has to control a single character in battle, and your goal is to kill the enemy or destroy 2 towers of their defenses.

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Heroes of Arzar offers players of 3 different modes including:

  • PVE: Basic gameplay mode with the full story and different maps.
  • PVP: The most engaging game mode that allowing players to connect to other players, defeating them to receive rewards.
  • Quest: In which, players complete the tasks that the game poses to receive rewards as new heroes or gold to upgrade character …
  • The Heroes of Arzar offers 4 different distances by geographic area, players can choose 1 and participate in PVP mode with other players.

In addition to the strategic turn-based combat mechanism, players can also purchase additional equipment and items to increase the character’s stats in the middle of the game, setting up items from before the game through the auxiliary jade system. Besides, players can also choose to have 2 supporting spells and three available skills of each character. At each turn, the player has certain action points to control their character’s movement or attack.

In addition, the player can choose the character to debut, with the number of Heroes diversity. You can easily find a Hero that has the right game for you. It is known that Heroes of Arzar is developed on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is released for free with the in-app purchase system. You guys can access the link below to download LINE Heroes of Arzar Mod APK and experience it right now.


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