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Uploaded: January 24th, 2018
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Like A Boss Mod for Android – Role-playing game for boss brutal against the heroes. Like A Boss is a unique action RPG from the Fire Horse Studio development team, giving you a completely new and innovative gaming experience. Do you want to know the difference between this game and the others? Just download Like A Boss for Android and find out now!

Like A Boss Mod APK download for Android

Normally in the role-playing game, you play as the heroes fight to destroy the evil, but the development team Fire Horse Studio made an extraordinary direction to the game Like A Boss for Android, promised to bring a new experience for the players. The unique point is that you will play the evil boss reside in the dungeon and fight the heroic team. It is very interesting!

Like A Boss Mod Features:

  • Unlimited money

Key features:

Build a mighty monster army

It seems paradoxical, but this is the daring change that keeps the gamers in the game. Like A Boss for Android, you are the ultimate boss in dungeons containing treasure. So your place attracts a lot of heroes to fight for the purpose of looting. You will not let it happen.

Weapons and armor manufacture

Your task is to fight with a group of 40 heroes at the same time, who are stealing the wealth you are hoarding. Besides, you have to help rescue the boss in the attack of the heroic army and recruit them to raise the power to fight against the enemy. Each time you win, you will receive rewards and use them to unlock more powerful bosses.

Recruit other bosses

In the Like A Boss for Android, your hero character will be upgraded time to time. It sounds horrible, but the corpses of the defeated heroes will transform into the chest, items, and more. You can use them to upgrade the boss character and confront the increasingly vicious and mischievous army.

The game has a lovely Minecraft graphics platform, utilizing contrasting colors in combination with unique and fun gameplay, expressing great gaming experience and feeling.


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