Light of Aiaran Mod

Uploaded:May 15th, 2017
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Select yourself a hero in the Game and begins epic struggles with other people along with friends from all over the world. Within Light of Aiaran Mod, you’ll discover Teia’s countries and explore different areas. Available maybe 25 unique dungeons, by which you and big Boss, together with your friends, may drop and combat. Get together with your friends collect as possible as numerous sources and accomplishments and to beat sworn enemies. Enhance your character within the span of the Game and put them on in various costumes.

Light of Aiaran v1.69 Mod apk for Android [Latest version]

Light of Aiaran Mod latest – Travel across an amazing world. Combat various things. Saving a dream world of this game. Use ancient secret and change your hero right into a fighting type to obtain more possibilities to beat opponents that are powerful within the challenges. Synergy with friends and beat the massive boss. Collect update ensemble of the character and awards. Purchase your hero many matches. Combat other people from all around the world.

Game features:

  • Many different classes with unique skill
  • 25 unique dungeons
  • Powerful employers
  • Battle with other players a round the world
  • The Game requires an Internet connection to play.

Mod features [Latest version]:

  • Buff player speed
  • Buff player attack speed
  • Degrade monster attack speed
  • Degrade monster speed
  • Free EXPx5 for new player who has lvl1-20[Must active in Game]
  • Astra Card always active[Not Tested]

Important Note:

  1. For the free EXP when the Buff expired and the cooldown for active it delay[Try swipe to original apk,and change back to mod \\ so use mod>active it>change to original>use mod] 2. U can change line up Astra card using this mod!! || set ur Astra using original apk!!
  2. For the rest, only this, do not Request Mod damage!!
  3. Download [Google Play] – Root required + LP patch
  4. In the new version,the developer set signature check,cannot login to the Game without root.


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