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Uploaded: February 22nd, 2018
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Light a Way is a new game, which has released by Appxplore on both Android and iOS platforms. As a free-2-play game in the Clicker genre, Light a Way will bring players relaxing moment after stressful working hours. By simply touching the screen, you can easily get accustomed to and be impressed with this game.

Light a Way Mod APK – the latest clicker game for Android

Right at the game’s main screen, you will be able to feel comfortable with impressive colors as in a fairy tale. The context of the game is built in a fantasy world with cute creatures with funny appearance. Their lives are peaceful and joyful until the devil came. The moon was covered by the dangerous giants. The player plays the protector of the area. And your mission is to destroy the monsters that are destructive to the peace in this forest. Your companion is Red Fairy – who will give you tips and advice throughout the adventure. Almost the activities in the game are run automatically and players do not need to manipulate too much. Players still enjoy the full features of the game.

Light a Way Mod Features:

  • OHK
  • 10x DMG
  • Enable the Mod through ‘cheat menu’ during loading screen only.


About the gameplay, Light a Way is a Clicker game with the horizontal screen. Your character will have to fight with fierce creatures, using the magic and tactics that are available by clicking on the screen until the boss dies. The more enemies you kill, the higher your level will be, and your characters will have to upgrade their skills and equipment, as well as your patience to be able to “press” continuously on the screen.

About the in-game system

There is an indication bar in Light a Way called Darkness, which represents the Boss’s HP. You must constantly touch the screen, dealing damage, until their Darkness is zero. Destroying a monster, you will receive Diamond, they will be useful in upgrading your character. Whenever you level up, the damage that your character can cause to the opponent will be increased. At Stage, you will face a monster named Lumi Lantern, defeat it and make it your aide. There are a lot of cool features in the Light a Way that you can explore. New content will be gradually unlocked by stage and you have to go through all stages to unlock them.

Impress Graphics

The background of Light a Way is designed in 2D style is quite lovely and fun, accompanied by the melodious background music to create a relaxing and comfortable feeling for the player. You can play for hours without feeling tired.

With simple but addictive gameplay, nice graphics and colorful graphics, though Light a Way is a simple Clicker game, you will surely be amazed at the exciting features the Appxplore developer added to the game. Download Light a Way Mod APK latest version of this game for free at the link below!


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