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Life is Strange, a quiz adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and released by Square Enix. Launched in early 2015 on a variety of platforms. After the great success, Life is Strange Mobile has now officially put on the mobile platform on the Android and iOS platforms. You can download free games at the link below.

Life is Strange Mobile APK download for Android/iOS

The plot of Life is strange Mobile consists of a total of 5 interconnected sequences of certain events and is dynamically changed based on the decisions, which the player makes throughout the game’s storyline. In addition, players can “push back time” to change the past, present and the future of the characters.

The player will simulate Max Caulfield, a pretty young photographer, who has a very normal life. One day she slept in the classroom and dreamed of a storm coming to her home city of Arcadia Bay.

After waking up, everything is normal, Max is still in her class, but the mind is still haunted by the storm in the dream. When she left, Max went to the toilet and suddenly saw Nathan is fighting with a friend. Max hides inside the door and sees Nathan picking his gun and killing her friend. Max ran up to her and suddenly she returned to the classroom.

And Max knew she was capable of returning to the past. She always wanted to go to WC to save her friend. And then everything is still the same as what she saw. But now that the elf was, Max has the alarm, Nathan heard and ran away. That girl was saved. Shortly thereafter, Max accidentally met her saved girl, who was his childhood friend after five years, Chloe (Chloe Elizabeth Price) The two meet, Max is asked about Chloe about a missing schoolgirl named Rachel Amber. Coincidentally, Rachel is also a close friend of Chloe.

Both of them went to investigate. 

Impressive graphics

Although the game is the mobile version, the graphics of the game is built better than the original PC / Console. In addition, to fit the mobile interface, Life is Strange Mobile has also been adjusted for certain factors to optimize and help players to experience the game in the most comfortable.

The colors in the game are very bright. Life is Strange brings a very “unique graphics”, not too beautiful but enough to impress the player.

The sound in the game:

The sound is considered to be the strongest point in the game. The Voice Dial is well-known. Other effects are very good. And the most important thing is music. The songs in Life is Strange always carry a light, deep, easy to cause the players to line up the game with happiness or sadness. Surely, you will be impressed with the music in the game. 


Life is Strange brings a new experience to players – those who love thematic game titles with the great storyline. All actions you take in the game can affect the next situation. Besides, the sound and graphics of the game are also great. Life is Strange is a game you should try. Download Life is Strange Mobile APK for free now with the link below!

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