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LayereD Stories 0 (レイヤードストーリーズ ゼロ ) is a turn-based mobile RPG released by Namco Bandai – one of the most popular game developers in Japan with many high-quality mobile games.

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The game context is in Shibuya, Japan in the 2037s, where society is growing and AR LayereD technology allows humanity to dominate the mind. This advantage makes humanity more modern. Therefore, the people seem to be abusive to this technology, causing the Anime industry to collapse and lead to bad changes. Bandai Namco Entertainment said players will experience and explore the story in LayereD Stories 0 as an anime series on television. In addition to fighting with rivals, players will be exploring the story around this imaginary world.

With AR LayereD technology supporting, the player will dominate both Shibuya’s architectural system and road intersection to set up a match against the opponent. It is hard to put LayereD Stories 0 into the Rhythmic game genre or Reaction, but for sure it is a turn-based RPG game. You will be managing a team of different characters moving across the city and clashes with enemies. The combat mechanism is a turn-based style, which you will touch the characters to command the character fighting. The battle will take place and stop when one of the two teams is completely destroyed.

LayereD Stories 0 (English Version) key features:

  • The plot of the fantasy world is interesting
  • Turn-based RPG Gameplay
  • Fight for your team, unlock and upgrade new characters.
  • Various game modes: PvP, PvE
  • Invite friends to join in the battle
  • The huge world with a lot of missions

LayereD Stories 0 is similar to other turn-based games, allowing you to upgrade character’s attributes, complete missions to unlock new characters. In addition to plot mode, LayereD Stories 0 provides other game modes including PvP and PvE. Each mode will have its own characteristics and different ways of playing. The game’s graphic makes it easy to relate to Persona or a remake of Tokyo Xanadu. The characters are designed in detail and very individual character drawings and scenery make you as adventurous in a fantasy future world.

The sound in LayereD Stories 0 is also invested with the high-quality soundtrack, making the battle more exciting. LayereD Stories 0 is a free game, but there are some items in the game you can buy with real money, with the high-quality graphics and interesting plot. Namco Bandai will take you to a future world through LayereD Stories 0.


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