Last X: One Battleground One Survivor

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With the current reputation of PUBG, it can be said that the Battle Royale games are very popular in the game market on PC / Console and mobile. Did you try a top-down view version of PUBG?

Last X: One Battleground One Survivor MOD APK Download

Last One X: One Battleground One Survival comes from Aladin Fun, a game based on the inspiration for the Battle Royale genre of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which takes the player into a battle of life and death, fighting for life and become the last survivor. You will be joined in an arena with other players. Your mission is to fight and become the last survivor.

However, Last X: One Battleground One Survivor will not use a third-party perspective like PUBG or other similar titles in the market. Instead, it will be the Top-Down perspective, giving the player a holographic view. But it also contributes to the difficulty of the game when the player will not play the game “hide” or sneak attack again. In addition, Last One X for Android allows players to collect a few large items and use them to camouflage, avoid the pursuit of opponents at low blood or no chance to win. As usual, the game allows players to use three different weapons: a knife, a pistol, and the main gun. You can change weapons to suit the situation. You can move on the map and find more powerful guns to equip.

Fight to become the last survivor

Last X’s battle map is quite different, including 9 different areas, linked through a portal, where players can freely move through the area, collect equipment and items like weapons, but need to pay attention to the spread of poisonous gas around the area. If you do not move out quickly, then your game is over. Although the maps are linked together through the transfer port. However, you can easily move between them without any obstacle. The game is very well-optimized with no loading on each move through the new land. In the beginning of the game, you and the other players will gather at the center of the map where all the moving gates are located. After the countdown, you must choose to move to another land via the gate, or be Staying in the center and fighting directly with other players. Our advice is that you should move quickly through the gate to avoid the pursuit of other players. Because, if you stay, you can fight against 3-5 or even 10 players at the same time, alone.

Items in the game will not be dropped from the aircraft like other PUBG games, which will appear randomly on the map. You can move through the lands to find new weapons or ambulance. In addition, Last One X features a lot of interesting makeup items, allowing you to transform into a common object that appears on the map.

Good Graphics

In terms of graphics, Last X: One Battleground One Survivor is equipped with a nice 3D graphics and animated environmental effects, giving players a very compelling and engaging experience. Last X is in the Early Access process and is only available in the Play Store for Android. If you want to experience the game, you can visit the address below to download it.


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