Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War: Shooting Games FPS

Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War –  a dramatic simulation game

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Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War –  a dramatic simulation game

With the apocalyptic context, you will transform into a sniper, kill zombies to protect your friends, family and yourself. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Last Hope Sniper – one of the best action games on mobile!

Inspired by Valve’s Left 4 Dead, Zombies: The Last Stand is a cool first-person zombie shooting game on mobile. This free version allows players to experience the first 2 missions in each location.

Last Hope is a 3D sniper game set in the desert. The story will take you on a journey through many different environments: abandoned football grounds, dead villages, or canyons where epidemics are raging. Zombies will appear incessantly, sometimes making you unable to keep up. So taking advantage and upgrading weapons is very important.

Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War: Shooting Games FPS

The first time you play the game, you will be given a round of training with the goal of crumbling barrels and bottles at the firing point. You need to practice shooting skills and use weapons before officially entering the game.

Initially, your ammunition only received 5 shots, you need to wait for the reload gun (takes a few seconds) to continue firing. The key to your success is the method of aiming and mastering your weapons. Because you can only provide 3 networks in one play while the movement speed as well as the number of zombies will increase as the player progresses. You need to be aware of the number of zombies you need to shoot on the game screen, because they can suddenly, even they “jump” in front of you before you can hand.

Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War: Shooting Games FPS

Stock sniper rifles, rifles, shotguns and many combat weapons including grenades, rocket launchers – that’s what you have to rescue the last survivors before the global outbreak of zombies. Get ready, aim and defeat the target to prove you’re the best sniper. Kill zombies and fight to survive in the world of dramatic action game Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War.

After each successful game, you will receive experience and medal. The score you get depends on how fast, accurate and your sniper skills.

Highlights of Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War:

– Diverse missions: More than 150 tasks are constantly being added.

– Diverse and detailed locations: The whole city has become your battlefield! In this world, you need to fight to protect your friends and family in many different locations.

– Vivid graphics bring authentic experience: Look at the enemy being hit and fall into cars, iron barrels or plunge down to the sidewalk!

– Collect skill cards: More than 25 diverse skills – rocket launcher, grenade throw, use power shield and more.

– Upgrade weapons to kill zombies: When death is standing in front of the door, you will need many high-end weapons to fight against it!

– Sniper camera: Help you observe the bullet when it rushes to kill the enemy.

– Easy and intuitive control: Ready, aim and shoot. Become the best sniper and protect your loved ones!

– Play offline: Don’t stop playing just because you lose your life. Switch to offline mode and continue the journey of survival at any time, anywhere!

 Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War: Shooting Games FPS

Another plus for this game is beautiful 3D graphics. Being able to judge the quality of the image of Last Hope is quite good. In addition, some visual and sound effects also make the game more attractive such as floating clouds, bloody scenes and their moans when shot dead,…

Last Hope is a genre that is easy to play but difficult to master, so they are often addictive for not only shooter lovers. Find yourself the perfect combination of skills and in-game items to survive and climb the rankings of sniper class A.





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