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Last day on Earth Survival has no place for friendship, love, and mercy. You can only trust yourself and the number of weapons left over to survive as long as possible. Last day on Earth Survival is a new Zombie survival game, which has recently released by K-MOBILE for free on Google Play. It was a foreign game, but Last Day on Earth Survival immediately showed its charms.

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By focusing on exploiting the survival aspect of the life rather than acting in the apocalyptic world filled with dead bodies, Last Day on Earth Survival has brought players the atmosphere of tension, nervous with the unexpected situations. There is no place for friendship, love, and mercy. You can only trust yourself and the number of weapons left over to survive as long as possible.
At the beginning of Last Day on Earth Survival game, players will take on one of the last survivors of the post-apocalyptic world with bloodthirsty zombies. However, like many survival products of the same genre, at the beginning of the game, you have nothing.
The essential task of the player in the game is trying to collect items, raw materials scattered around while avoiding attacks from the Zombie. In addition, gamers need to make their own essentials such as axes from the smallest branches, stones to help protect or cut down the big trees to build the houses. And from the small shelter, players can make more everyday items such as stoves, desks… to further expand their own campsite.

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Features:

  • Level 99 (Full Level).
  • Unlimited Z coins (Money).
  • Unlock multiple Packs.
  • Boost EXP.

Last day on Earth Survival Mod also has a level system and experience, which is increased every time you collect items, destroy Zombies or build something. The higher level you are, the more features you will unlock, and you can also produce more advanced items.
You have not only to build a shelter and making furniture, widgets, Last Day on Earth Survival also brings players face with zombies anytime. Therefore, the player needs to build a stable, secure place to accumulate food to avoid the hunger to overcome all the dangers. Be careful! If you let the character die, all the items you carry with will be lost and the player will have to start over.In addition to the hunger, thirst, and zombies, gamers face fierce competition from other players. They will always try to attack and steal resources from you, so be wary before going to strange places. You can also gather your friends to help each other and protect your common house.

Last Day on Earth Survival Guide for Newbies:

Basic information

Spear, Hatchet Pickaxe are three items that gamers can unlock the design first in the game. They are also the three key items that create the more important items, so you should keep this in mind. As soon as you enter the game, the first thing you need to do is going straight to the nearby car to loot all the items inside. They are the basic items that help you get familiar with the game initially.

Then you have to do the following: Collect 9 Pine, 6 Limestone and unlock three designs with the 3 items mentioned above. We recommend you make the first Hatchet and Pickaxe to protect yourself against some of the nearby zombies. In fact, you may not necessarily need these three items for defence or gathering resources from your surroundings. However, the one thing you should keep in your mind is saving time, which is extremely important in bringing your home to the next level before the Zombie come.

Consolidate position

After a few basic levels (by collecting, making and killing zombies), you need a house to protect yourself and good enough water and food system to keep you living longer. So Casual Backpack, Garden Bed, Raincatcher and a little house will be the things you have to build first.
Casual Backpack will make it easier to collect resources in the environment. Because each time you discover, you will bring more. Meanwhile, the Garden Bed with Raincatcher helps you keep your hunger and thirst under control, so it is easier to grow your base.

High-class items

At the first level, it is very difficult to craft your own weapons or equipment, no matter when you learn the skill to make them. However, until you learn these skills, you are sure that you will die so many times, even inhibiting the game. So forget about being able to make good things for yourself at the beginning. Instead, you have to pick up and accumulate them.
So here are the places you have to pay attention first: Alpha Base, Downed Airplanes and Army Supply Drops. In these three places, Alpha Base is fixed and can only be entered if you have the corresponding Alpha Army Card. This card can be picked up from zombies scattered in places like forests, rocky areas around your home. Alpha Base is the way Downed Airplanes and Army Supply Drops take place as an Event. That means they come up randomly with limited time. If you have enough energy, you should go right there to collect rare resources.

Join Combat

At this point, the game definitely does not have a real PvP mode. The bases with names of people appearing around your home are fake. The sudden people come when you discover something are fake. They are fake gamers. That is why they have only one function of attacking to the death, whether it is itself or yourself. Keeping in mind, we need to be more cautious when fighting with these opponents because they do not know how to stop and not fear.
The first thing to do when participating in combat is to recognize the weapons and equipment that these enemies carry on. If you see these rivals wearing weapons that you have not seen or are deep in the shop, and also wear military outfits, you should consider running away immediately. If there are more weapons and equipment, the ability to survive the battle can be increased.
Players also remember a “hidden” function that many people overlook in Last Day on Earth that is fast revise item. Many players do not pay attention to this mechanism. In the Character Map menu, you can see the clothing slots and weapons is a trophy icon. But instead of letting the gamer insert something into it, this is where you attach items to the fast-paced mechanism. This is a very effective tool to help you quickly recover blood when fighting without having to open the bag. Because before you open the bag, you can be died.


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