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Last Bless is an RPG mobile game featuring gorgeous 3D graphics and compelling gameplay. The game was released by Funcell123 on the AppStore and Google Play. You can download and install the game via the link we provide.

Last Bless – new RPG Mobile game on Android/iOS

Funcell123 is a famous game publisher based in Kangnam, Korea. You probably already know the game from Korea through the big names such as Netmarble, Com2us… It can be said that Korea is the place of success for the studio because they release many impressive mobile games. Funcell123 is such a studio. Recently, they have released a new product promising to bring a great experience for players. The game is named Last Bless.

In Last Bless, players can select one of the four available character classes including Hunters, Masters, Warriors and Priests. Each character class has its own skills and strengths. Especially, he has a story that will be revealed during the game. Last Bless develops Action mod & slash with the fast pace that makes you think of action movies. The game reminds me of the Devil May Cry Series, in which players can attack and create the crazy combos. These effects will make the player feel satisfied and exciting.


The main mission of the player in Last Bless is to complete the stage in the game to unlock the next stage. The map in the game is really large and divided into many different areas. Through hundreds of quests, battles with bosses, completing missions to earn rewards, you can collect new items and equipment to upgrade your character’s strength. The difficulty in the game is increased from time to time. The longer you play the game, the more the monsters will appear. Accordingly, the player must use the same skills and experience to win the game. The bosses in Last Bless are also a big challenge that the player must overcome. Of course, the reward after winning is impressive.

Control and More

The in-game control system is well-designed. In the game, you can see that it is not much different from other RPG. On the left hand, as usual, is the navigation key that allows players to move characters. On the right hand, it is a cluster of keys that allow attack and execute the skills. Last Bless is set in the classic European background. The game world is built in an impressive gothic style. Also, the surrounding landscape is also designed in clear detail, accompanied by explosive and unique effects, which make the battle more fierce.

In addition to the storyline mode, Last Bless also offers players a lot of options such as endless dungeons or highly demanding community game modes such as team fighting or joining the PvP, 1v1, 3v3 or 4v4. Currently, Last Bless has released exclusively in Korea. It has had no specific information about the English version. However, we have updated the APK download link below that you can easily download and enjoy the game.


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