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The new survival game has just received another representative called Last Battleground: Survival. The success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds created a real trend in the gaming community not just for PC / Console but also for Mobile. Immediately after PUBG brought unbelievable reputation to Bluehole and Brendan Greene, a series of mobile products with similar gameplay appeared. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds or Free Fire: Battle Royale is a great example.

Last Battleground Survival (Mod Money) APK latest/update

Last Battleground Survival is a new game released on Android, but it immediately attracts to millions of players all over the world because it has gameplay very similar to Battlegrounds. If you do not have the ability to experience PUBG on your PC then this is definitely the best option for you to experience this game right on your Android device. Last Battleground: Survival has a very familiar gameplay. If you have ever played PUBG on a computer, you will find it almost no different. So it is still a simple survival game, in which you have to fight with other people to become the last survivor on the island. However, the map in Last Battleground Survival is much larger and even supports up to 32 players playing at the same time, which would be difficult for any mobile game to do so like Bullet Strike are hard to match, or Chinese games like Terminator 2: Battle Royale. In addition to the number of players, you will feel exactly the value of PUBG in the gameplay, from the image jump off the aircraft to the loot weapon system and death circle mechanism gradually narrowed over time.

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To add to the appeal of the game, the death circle of course also contribute to the after a certain time, a round of light will appear to withdraw the player does not rush to the safe area. Therefore, the player has to pay close attention to the safe and defensive area to avoid other players attacking from the back. On the gameplay, the game retains the simple controls, when you start the game, you will be able to parachute and can find where you can land, in addition to the character is also capable of lying, crawling and jumping, with weapons and ammunition, you can also find good items from different locations and in large homes. Another highlight is that there are helmets for yourself and items for recovery, healing.

The control mechanism is flexible and easy to grasp with specific instructions on the touchscreen.

Key Features of Last Battleground: Survival

  • An interesting survival game on Android phones.
  • Nice 3D graphics are designed in detail and true.
  • Various types of equipment in the game for players to equip and unlock.
  • Customize your character with different equipment.
  • Every match with 32 different players
  • Large maps for more relaxed players
  • The attractive Mechanism of fighting.
  • Play with friends and team up.

Although there are still some bugs in the gameplay, in general, Last Battleground: Survival is still one of the most popular Android survival games we recommend you to experience. The statue brings a great experience to the player. Last Battleground: Survival Mod APK is provided free of charge by APKgalaxy.


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