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Uploaded:July 30th, 2017
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Laps – Fuse is an addictive puzzle game for Android. If you are interested in puzzle games and exciting mashups, Laps – Fuse for Android will definitely satisfy you. Laps – Fuse was released by QuickByte Games with a totally different type of puzzle game which makes you become absorbed in. Let’s download this game now to play with numbers in a whole new way.

Laps – Fuse Mod APK download for Android

Similar to other number-based puzzler games like 2048 or Threes, Laps – Fuse works by matching and fusing three numbers together which have the same color. However, you need to choose the right time to tap when the number rotates around the circular board. Also, you should try to get many points as you can until the number goes out of the lap. Therefore, Laps – Fuse requires you to have good eyes and response quickly. There are one thing you have to keep in mind which is the more colors you can connect, the more scores you will get to level up and unlock new modes. More than the number-matching gameplay, Laps – Fuse offers you funny and stimulating experiences. When it comes to visual effect, Laps – Fuse has an awesome graphic with the bubble effect outside the game board. It is also delightful and eye-catching.

Main features of Laps – Fuse for Android:

  • An addicting mechanic which is matching and merging.
  • Tap to shoot your number while it rotates around the circle board.
  • One-touch controls are simple but it is hard to master.
  • Match and fuse three numbers that have the same color.
  • Time the shots to create match and fusion cascades effects.
  • Switch color with the next tile to have more fusion chances.
  • The more fuses, the more scores to level up.
  • Delightful soundtracks.
  • Share your score with your friends.




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