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Langrisser (ラ ン グ リ ッ サ ー) is a video game series with five parts of Masaya developer. The first version was released on April 26th, 1991 on Mega Drive. Since then, the game has been released on many devices such as Sega Saturn, Snes, PC Engine, PC, etc. In Japan, the series is listed as Simulation RPG.

Langrisser APK for Android

After nearly 30 years of the series, Langrisser is back with an impressive mobile version that will be released in 2018. Although it is not as well-known as Fire Emblem or Sword Art Online, Langrisser also attracted a large number of players and fans. After five instalments on the PC platform, the mobile version of Langrisser is expected to bring new experiences to gamers who love this series. Langrisser’s mobile version was developed by ZlongGame and will be released in China – one of the world’s largest mobile game community. The global version is also available in many languages, including English.

The complete and united plot

Langrisser’s main content revolves around the struggle between the good and evil through two representatives: the holy sword Langrisser and the sword Alhazard. Langrisser is the goddess of the goddess Lushiris, who represents the good. Alhazard represents the goddess Chaos, who symbolizes the evil power of sentient beings. The battle between Langrisser and Alhazard was a non-stop battle, like the day and night, between the yin and yang. One of these two sides is never lost, only temporarily withdrawing, giving way to the opposing world.

Strategic and intensive gameplay

is a perfect Simulation RPG, which is a property applying gameplay. Although there are some differences between the versions, they all have the most common features. (Except for Langrisser III, gameplay is very different from the others.)
Before each battle, the player is given the choice of positioning the commander of a group of soldiers, the right to purchase items, equipment and buy (hire) soldiers. But there are also some special scenarios that do not allow the player to choose the initial position.
Each group of soldiers consists of a commanding unit (a character in the story for the player) and units of soldiers, which you only use for one time (one Scenario). Each unit has an HP of 10 (except Langrisser III). When HP is down to 0, the unit is removed from the battle. When the commander of the Scenario is dead, all of this units will die. Commanders or party characters do not die during the game when HP drops to zero, but they temporarily retreat from the Scenario and reappear in the next Scenario.
The gameplay and main features of the mobile version will remain the same from the original. However, there are some interesting differences added to increase the appeal of the game. Live 2D technology will be used to help heroes are highlighted impressively.

Unlock new heroes

The heroes and characters in the previous Langrisser will remain the same, but the game will be supplemented by other military units such as Monk, Imperial Soldier, Berserker, etc. Besides, all heroes will be voiced by the famous Japanese actors. There will be more than one million Chinese subtitled conversations to reproduce the entire epic story of the game.


Langrisser has been released for free on both Android and iOS platforms. But it is not currently available in the Play Store, We will provide the apk file of this game as soon as it is released.


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