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Kung Fu All-Star for Android is a martial arts role-playing game from Jollity publisher, bringing players to the greatest kung fu martial arts arena with the famous kung fu heroes. Kung Fu All-Star for Android is based on two classic martial arts films of Bruce Lee and Jet Li. In the game, you will play the martial arts star, use his Kung Fu to destroy the enemy.

Kungfu All-Star Mod APK English for Android

Kung Fu All Star’s character system for Android is divided into four classes including Void, Force, Speed ​​and Defense. Each character class has its own battle style, which is different from each other. In each battle, you can set up a team of three to coordinate the fight, giving the best advantage to yourself. In addition, during the game, you can unlock more new characters and upgrade your character to increase your fighting indicators with equipment, items, skills…

Kung Fu All-Star is designed with modern 3D technology, really displaying the characters as real-life martial arts heroes with fun animated images. In addition to the single mode, Kung Fu All-Star for Android also allows you to enjoy a variety of classic moves, including Tea Kwon Do, Tobit, Wing Chun, and more. Fight PVP competition and challenge others to show off their power. Download Kung Fu All-Star for Android and experience real battles with over 1,000 enemies.

Key features of Kung Fu All-Star for Android:

  • Recall two famous actors, Bruce Lee and Jet Lee.
  • Experience the movie scenes and animation in the game as a review of the classic martial arts before.
  • Free characters selection
  • Select the legends in classic martial arts movies in your style.
  • Customize masters with as many skins as you want.
  • Endless fighting
  • Fight with 10 enemies at once. Team up and start the journey to eliminate the evil.
  • Fighting for the first position on the ranking board.
  • Fight for the best. Join the 3v3 Battles, Guild Battles, Tournaments to find the leader of the ranking board.


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