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Nowadays, digital cameras or phones camera will let you see the photos immediately after the shot. But, because of this advantage, we lost the sense of excitement, anxiety waiting several days to see how the photo like shooting in the traditional camera.

Kudak Pro 2.10.1 APK download

Kudak Pro will bring that feeling back. The Kudak Pro photography application simulates shooting like film cameras. You do not take so many pictures. Kudak Pro will give you a roll of film and allow 24 shots limitation. When the film roll is run out, you have to wait an hour to switch to the new one. Therefore, the photographer needs to adjust, choose the perfect angle before shooting if you do not want to waste film roll.

After that, the photo will be kept in the machine for 1 day to complete the process. As a result, users will experience the thrill of waiting to see what their products will be. In addition, Kudak Pro simulates a small viewfinder (camera view), providing a truly traditional camera experience. Kudak Pro also features a light leakage effect like when shooting with a traditional camera.

Key features of Kudak Pro for Android:

  • Change colour.
  • Select the colour of the camera to match your personality.
  • Each photo is unique, has a light leak effect, 3D effects, which are applied randomly.

If you uninstall the app from your device, make sure you save your photos in advance. Otherwise, they will also be deleted.


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