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Knives Out is a survival shooter game released by NetEase, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is considered to be a perfect mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) that promises to deliver a great gaming experience. Knives Out was released on the PlayStore with a limited version only for Chinese players. But developer realized the huge potential of the game, Netease removed the current version and replaced it with the new version, supports more languages and is available to everyone.

The game is considered to be a perfect copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). You will be playing a long distance combat fighter in an arena up to 6400×6400 m. All of 100 people will be parachuting to an island and participating in a fierce shooting. There is only one lucky person, the best of them survive to the end. Beginning the game, immediately after you get on the island, you must quickly collect the necessary equipment for the survival process of guns, ammunition, bombs, and mines before battle to the death. Knives Out has two modes including single-player fighting and four-player fighting. Use the voice chat feature to plan a battle with your teammates. This makes the game dramatic and much more attractive. Are you ready to chase, shoot and kill enemies?

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Key features of the game Knives Out

100 people entered the war, only one survivor.

100 people were spotted dropping into an unoccupied area of 6400×6400 m (41 km2), exploring different locations, collecting weapons, targeting the enemies and shooting. Remember, the last survivor is also the winner.

Try your best to survive

Ambush or attack. Cull or shoot. Waiting or moving out. Every action decision is up to the player. You have only one purpose to survive.

Team fighting with other players

Team up with other players and battle it out through voice chat. Duo mode and Squad mode are available in the game. Collaborate and plan activities with your friends through your voice system, implement your untapped techniques and apply strategy, overcome all the obstacles.

An armory is in your hands

Knives Out provide an arsenal of weapons, accessories, drugs, and military vehicles for the player. You can collect, select and equip to increase power.
In terms of graphics, Knives Out for iOS is built with ultra-realistic 3D graphics. Battlefields are extremely detailed from buildings, trees, roads, mountains to character, explosive effects. It feels like you are fighting on a real battlefield in real life. In addition, factors such as gun retraction, the angle of view or wind resistance help to make the game experience even better.

Game Knives Out is being offered for free to download for worldwide players on Android platform. Do not miss a great game like this! Download Knives Out Mod APK then start the fight now!


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