Knives Crash

Knives Crash – Battle royal of Knives

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Knives Crash – Battle royal of Knives

Knives Crash is a game with simple gameplay but extremely attractive by the weapons designed quite beautifully. Join a community with a large number of other players, show your skillful dexterity through the competition and compete for the top position.

Knives Crash

Knives Crash is a fun online multiplayer that gives you the chance to challenge three users using the sharpest knives. With the familiar gameplay, you just need to collect the pieces of knives on your journey. Your task is to defeat other players to take the top spot. Your mission is to survive the other players’ attacks with the help of your knives. Collect sharp blades and destroy anyone who comes near you inside this action-packed game.

Gameplay in Knives Crash is very simple and almost identical to games like or Your character is a small circle that you must protect at all costs. Create a shield with the knives you collect from the ground; the more knives you get, the bigger your shield will be and the more destructive your presence will be.

Knives CrashKnives Crash

To finish off your opponents, you have to eat them. In other words, penetrate their knife shield and eliminate the circle from the room. Knives Crash is very simple; you win the battle against another opponent if you’re bigger than him. Every time your shields collide, you’ll lose knives, so make sure you always have more than your opponent, or it’s game over for you.

In particular, when in battle the player will have 2 offensive and defensive positions. During the move, you will not be able to see your weapon, this is the time when the stronger enemies you can attack at any time. So be very careful along the way.

Knives CrashKnives Crash

And vice versa, when you stand still, immediately the weapon will rotate around you and the blades will be directed outward. This is a defensive stance, avoiding the enemies who are trying to knock you down quickly.

Beat the three players in the room and destroy anyone who comes near your knives in this fun adventure where you can change into a multitude of heroes. Customize your character to be the most powerful one in the room and don’t let anyone destroy you in Knives Crash.

Knives CrashKnives Crash

In addition, the game also has a diverse character system. Some characters like Thor, Dracula, .. players need to complete the requirements given. You can also buy other heroes in gold.

After each battle, players will receive a gold level corresponding to their rank. If in the game the player takes out all the opponents and takes the top spot, the rank will also increase the maximum.

The higher you rank, the more gold each game will receive. The ranks will be based on the number of victories and rank in your match. If you win the opponent, your rank will be increased by 1 star.

Knives CrashKnives Crash

The mission system is quite diverse, the rewards received depend on the difficulty or ease of the task. This is also an opportunity for you to earn more gold and diamonds. Accumulate and buy the necessary items in the store.

Through each match, the player will have a key. When collecting 3 keys, you will open 3 gift boxes corresponding to 3 keys. In many gift boxes that will include diamonds, weapons and gold.

Simple 2D graphics along with shaping the heroes is a funny, lovely cube. Clear interface helps players easily manipulate. Shaping weapons are quite diverse, bright colors from bananas to Pikachu’s tail looks very eye-catching.

Knives Crash

In addition, the visual effects during the fight and the skill effects of the hero are described in detail, the knives scattered everywhere look great.

Knives Crash is a fast entertaining game to help you relieve stress after a tiring working day. With many heroic shapes and funny weapons, it makes the game more outstanding. Fight with other players, become the winner at the highest rank. Come to Knives Crash, you will experience really great moments with many beautiful dagger displays.


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