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You are a fan of action games, you want to experience the feeling of conquering in a certain game but you are wondering which game to choose. Kluno: Hero battle will be the perfect choice for you at the moment. Kluno: Hero Battle is free for Android and iOS. The game was released by Chorus Worldwide Games Limited on March 6, 2018. Although it is the new game, it has received the support of many gamers around the world. The number of views and downloads has increased continuously and has received positive feedback from the players.


The gameplay of Kluno: Hero battle

Kluno: Hero Battle is one of the game titles that allows players to compete online. Each match will be controlled by a certain time. What you need to do when participating in this game is to collect, upgrade, form the team, control your army to destroy the enemy and their base.
One of the attractions of the game is the fast response of the players when participating in combat. At each round, you will be given a certain skill depending on your location in the arena. You must kill the enemy in the shortest amount of time with the right to use the highest score before the round ends. After each battle, the player proceeds to discover and collect the arsenal of necessary items to aid in the next battle. Each weapon has a certain support function. Gamers need to choose the right strategy to use them effectively to win the game.
As you can see, the element of luck in the game is not appearing. To win the game, you need is the acumen, ability to think and good command.

Game Modes

In the game Kluno: Hero battle, players will be given two game modes: Single Play and PVP:

  • In the Single player mode, gamers will be played directly with the default content provided by the game publisher.
  • PVP Mode: Gamers will be playing online with players from all over the world. You can even fight directly with your friends if they both of you press the word ‘Battle’ follow button.


Hero battle has the 2D graphics platform – one of the most favorite games in the world in a few years ago.
According to players’ opinion:

  • The game is quite attractive to players, characters, weapons, the surrounding environment are very detailed and beautiful.
  • Bright color, funny to make gamers feel relaxing. In addition, the characters in the game are very lively and flexible.
  • The operation is fast.
  • The Live sound is evident through each action, scoring, transferring rounds… make the players feel like being in a real battle.


Kluno: Hero Battle is one of the most promising genres for gamers. If you are one of those gamers who would like to test your thinking ability, you should not miss the exciting new game released by the developer, Chorus Worldwide Games Limited.
Game Hero battle is supported on both Android and IOS. You can download the game from the store to experience this exciting game right now.


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