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KleptoCats 2 is an Android game for everyone. After the short time release, the game has reached the top trending games on the Play Store. The game is completely free on both Android and iOS platforms.
Have you ever tried KleptoCats? This is one of the most downloaded Android games ever since it launched. Following up the success of the game, the publisher, HyperBeard has launched KleptoCats 2 with more new and unique points as the previous version.
Although it was released in 2018, the game has attracted many gamers to download and participate in the game and received a lot of positive feedback.

KleptoCats 2 MOD APK for Android

In the game, the players need to send their lovely cats out to the world for bringing back jewelry that fills the room. But the new point in KleptoCats2 is that in addition to living with cute cats, you will experience some frustrating feelings. If you want to experience the new and unique things, you should quickly download the game right now.

The gameplay of KleptoCats 2

The KleptoCats 2 play is considered to be harder than the previous KleptoCats. Accordingly, the gamers who make new cats will be much harder. The mission of the player when entering KleptoCats 2 is to fill the jewellery into the three rooms by assigning tasks to their cats. When joining the KleptoCats 2, the gamers will be put on an interesting conversation and there will be interesting suggestions given by the Kleptocats.

The main point of the game is to get the gems and pieces to complete the task. The puzzles that appear in the game will help you to unlock new cats, and you have to answer 100% of the questions. In addition, the puzzle will combine with the individual cat to reveal a number of images related to each cat. Each cat will carry a piece of his own after being out for a while.

Note: To receive new cats, gamers will have to take 15 precious stones. Each stone will cost about 300 dongs. When you have a new cat, it can bring gems to you.

Manage everything

To fill the room in the fastest way, you need to have a plan to spend your coin wisely. If you want to focus on finding pieces, gamers should spend money on several cats when they go out and call them back quickly.
If you just want to get new cats then you should only send coins out once to save money and gems. You should choose an accurate plan, focusing on performance to get the best results in KleptoCats 2.
Action: You just download the game right away, join KleptoCats 2 by answering quizzes, and use the virtual keys to fill 3 rooms.

KleptoCats 2 will allow gamers to participate in a fun and exciting story from the publisher. You need to complete the tasks to achieve the highest results. KleptoCats 2 is built on a simple beautiful 2D platform. Cute cats are paid close attention, investment, true portrayal by the publisher. The surrounding environment is also lively, detailed. The colours are mainly light colours, creating fun feeling, pleasant for gamers when playing.


KleptoCats 2 (MOD APK) now offers free downloads on Android and iOS, and players can download and play at any time. Let’s explore and experience the new and exciting feeling right now.


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