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Kirara Fantasia (or きららファンタジア) is a simulation game based on the same Manga name, developed by Dremcom and Meteorise and released by Houbunsha. Kirara Fantasia is one of the most popular manga in Japan released in more than 10 years ago. The story revolves around cute girls in a fantasy world with magic and dark powers. Their adventure takes place when the world is threatened by bad force.

Kirara Fantasia APK English for Android

Kirara Fantasia was built on the same manga name, so if you have read it, you will see the familiar Manga characters in this game, they are:

  • Kirara (き ら ら) (Voiced by Tomori Kusunoki)
  • Lamp (ラ ン プ Ranpu) (Voiced by Marika Kōno)
  • Match (マ ッ チ Matchi) (Voiced by Suzuko Mimori)
  • And much more…

The main characters in Kirara Fantasia are dubbed for a better gaming experience.
In addition, the character design is directly drawn by the manga’s author, so certainly, the image quality in the game will be guaranteed.

Turn-based RPG gameplay

Gameplay in Kirara Fantasia is similar to other turn-based games, which you control a team of three members, battling enemies in horizontal screen battles. You only touch the opponent you want to control the Heroes’ attacks. The battle will end when either party is completely defeated.
The characters in your team have their own special abilities, which you can activate when they are full of Mana.
Currently, Kirara Fantasia has offered more than 100 different characters, arranged by their own attributes. Each character is rated by stars. You can upgrade your character to a higher level when complete collecting all the ingredients the game requires.

The game’s interface:

In the beginning of Kirara Fantasia, the player needs to create an account to get started, just enter a valid name – no more than 10 characters, then click accept the “Terms” of the game to start the main interface. Here, you can start selecting the zones on the map to start the game. You can play according to the plot, or participate in Arena mode, in which you can fight with other players. Kirara Fantasia offers a shop, in which players can buy and sell items, or unlock new characters.
The game allows you to customize other attributes such as sound, picture quality, controlling mechanism.
Kirara Fantasia requires a network connection to be able to log into the game, and updates are also frequent, so you should use a strong Wi-Fi connection to ensure the best gaming experience.

Charming 2.5D graphics

Kirara Fantasia is based on the 2.5D graphics, impressive enough for the players. The characters are hand-drawn very detailed and sharp with beautiful costumes. In the game with fast-paced, the effects of the skills are impressively and beautiful simulated.
Overall, though it is not so featured as other turn-based RPGs such as 23/7 game, Kirara Fantasia’s graphics are still good enough to satisfy players.


Kirara Fantasia has officially released on Android and iOS. If you are a fan of Manga Kirara Fantasia, you should not miss this exciting game.


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