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Uploaded:June 18th, 2017
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Produced by indie Japanese business Vespa and run by Thailand-based writer Glowhow, King’s Raid Mod can be an upcoming portable game which features real-time battles with spectacular 3D design and an in-depth character leveling system. For people who pre-register before 8 March, they’ll get a digital deal worth USD 40.00 throughout the official launch of King’s Raid.

King’s Raid v2.13.4 Mod APK Download for Android

Open King’s Raid Mod and join the game, You can modify and construct their group of 4 characters from 7 different course types: Warrior, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, and Mechanic. Each hero may have unique capabilities that uncover while the player levels up. People can further enable characters by improving equipping them with things or awareness. More characters are obtaining their pieces or could be summoned through purchases.
There’s the actual time synchronous PVP Arena which starts players against others. Expect exciting and powerful fights where every decision might possibly result in beat or triumph! You may also create guilds at an earlier stage and recruit friends to savor party enthusiasts and battle with guild raids for top quality equipment.

How to download King’s Raid Mod?

So here if full tutorial to help you how to install this game on your Android device:

  1. Download and install Tutorial APK from below (If you are first time playing this game)
  2. Play the game and finish tutorial
  3. Download and install mod file (APK type) from the link below (will overwrite the tutorial apk and keep your progress)
  4. Open the game and Enjoy! Goodluck!

King’s Raid Mod latest features:

There is two version of this mod for choose.


  • God Mode (Enemy has no attack at all)

v2: (Risky, high chance to get banned)

  • God Mode (Enemy has no attack at all)
  • Enemy has little hp (don’t need high attack)


1.Instant Win

Full description from Developers:

Create your own deck with various type of heroes!
Enjoy King’s raid story with your charming heroes!!

Realtime PVP Arena!
PVP in realtime! Stand against powerful opponents!!

Experience Raid boss in various scale
Challenge Raid boss with your friends.

Action style with more excitement
No more useless skill casting
Use skill in the right timing to beat your opponents.


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