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Kings of Soccer is a sports game and released for free on Android and iOS, developed by Hugo Game. The latest mod version of Kings of Soccer is now available on our website and you can download it for free.

Kings of Soccer Mod APK download (Unlimited Coin/Cash) Latest/Update

In Kings of Soccer, your task is to create your own team, select the best players and join the tournaments with other players, beat them and win big prizes. You will be challenged in many different tournaments, from the lowest to the highest professional tournaments, in which only the strongest teams can be a champion. Your opportunity is not so much because you have beat all the opponents to become the King of Soccer.

Kings of Soccer’s gameplay is quite different from any other football game. Each team has five players, especially the players marked by the models and they cannot move themselves. You will touch each player, drag and drop to perform actions such as shooting or defending. Each player will take turns controlling the team’s players with the goal to score and win. Every match in Kings of Soccer has a very short time. It is only 1 minute, so you must try to win as fast as possible. Kings of Soccer Mod APK is a 1vs1 game in real time, you will be paired and played with other players around the world.

Kings of Soccer Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Free shopping

Play to win

You will play against other players and win trophies. The number of cups will correspond to your position on the global rankings.

Be the manager

After each win, you will have the opportunity to receive new player cards. The player cards will be ranked by stars. The higher the number of stars, the better the player is. You can use the experience points to upgrade the star of the player. Managing the players in the Kings of Soccer is not easy, you have to combine the players into a team that matches the tactics you set. The player with the high stats is not necessarily the best but must be matched with the tactics you choose.

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere

Kings of Soccer gives a 3D stadium with a top-down view. The in-game players were designed very specially. With animated celebrations, they score with their fans screaming. Upgrade to a higher level to upgrade your stadium. Kings of Soccer allows you to review scenarios and goals from an impressive 3D perspective.

Download Kings of Soccer APK now.

With addictive gameplay and impressive graphics, Kings of Soccer is one of the best entertainment games on Android or iOS. Click on the link below to download the latest version of the game!


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