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Kaiser (카이저) is the latest mobile game from Nexon, a famous game developer in Korea. The game was built with an open world, Hack N Slash gameplay and a great graphics, promising to bring gamers the same experience as on PC / Console. Kaiser is in the process of opening CBT testing from January 9 through January 16 on the Google Play store for Android users.

Kaiser 카이저 APK download for Android

Because it is an MMORPG, Kaiser is built in an immense world with a medieval styled and a myriad of mysterious creatures that only appear in the legend. Players will start by choosing one of the four basic character classes including Warrior, Archer, Assassin or Sorcerer. They will have the different strengths, weaknesses and combat styles based on the player’s preferences.

The Kaiser combat system is designed with a flexible perspective that allows players to freely rotate, zoom out, or zoom in for a more panoramic view. Along with the virtual keys, the virtual joystick is well positioned to help players easily control the actions of the character, from moving, dodging or using skills to fight. In addition, Kaiser also supports Auto mode to help those who are often busy but still want to enjoy the game.

Another highlight of the Kaiser is the great 3D graphics and beautiful visual effects, bringing a detailed world. It depends on your phone configuration. Since the game is currently being tested in Korea, there is no English language support yet. If you are a gamer who prefers to play the game immediately, maybe the language barrier is not a so big problem.

The game is only available in Korea, but you can download the APK file from apkgalaxy to install it indirectly on your phone via the link below.

Note: The CBT period is only from January 9th to January 16th.


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