Talking Tom Gold Run

Join the non-stop running in Talking Tom Gold Run

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Join the non-stop running in Talking Tom Gold Run

Another product about Tom cat series was released by Outfit7. However, instead of the familiar pet game genre, the famous game company launched the endless runner game called Talking Tom Gold Run.

Talking Tom Gold Run is a unique game that combines the game of raising virtual animals Talking Tom and the genre of non-stop running with legendary games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers or Zombie Tsunami. Back in the new game Talking Tom Gold Run, the publisher Outfit7 has refreshed the image of Tom cat which is very familiar to us in the series My Talking Tom. In Talking Tom Gold Run, Tom will not imitate people anymore, but begins to participate in the journey running non-stop on endless routes.

Talking Tom Gold Run

Endless Runner game genre is too familiar to computer players. With adventure action style, you will control Tom cat running unlimitedly, use mouse, keyboard or gesture to switch lanes to avoid obstacles, collect gold and set a record of distance traveled. by.

The story in Talking Tom Gold Run for PC starts when Tom cat stole gold. No more choices else, Tom and Angela have to run after the bandits to regain gold and use this booty to build a dream home.

Your mission in the Android game Talking Tom Gold Run is to help cat Tom and his friends (Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben) chase the cheeky gold bandit. Just running, you have to collect the gold ingots left by the bandits on the road. However, your journey will encounter many obstacles. Just a little distracted or distracted is that you will let the bandit escape.

Talking Tom Gold Run

Try to collect lots of coins, gold and attractive prizes… to unlock new worlds with different running styles and interesting items in the game. Talking Tom Gold Run has many interesting places for you to experience such as national highway, underground tunnels, forest roads, snow roads,…

New points in the updated Talking Tom Gold Run:

– Discover the world of Wonderland Winter Wonderland: winter has returned to the world of mischievous Tom cat and friends. Let’s welcome the winter, Christmas and New Year in the style of animals that mimic human voices and the endless run of Endless Run.

– Introducing super special new character, it is Hyper Tom and Cyber ​​Angela. Both of them are ready for unlimited runs in the game.

– New daily mission: redesign the Daily Mission section with greater rewards. Access Talking Tom Gold Run game every day, complete the task to quickly build the dream house with Tom cat.

Talking Tom Gold Run

Main features of Talking Tom Gold Run:

– Play non-stop after the thief to regain gold and build a house

– Unlock new worlds with rich tracks.

– Play the game with Talking Ben, Talking Tom, Talking Hank, Talking Angela and Talking Ginger.

– Unlock uncovered boxes to earn items and prizes.

Talking Tom Gold Run game contains:

– Product advertising with publisher Outfit7 and other advertisements.

– Navigate customers to Outfit7 website and other applications in the virtual animal game series.

– Personalize content to encourage gamers to reuse this app.

– Be able to connect with friends by social networks.

– Watch videos about cartoon characters of Outfit7 via the integration of YouTube feature.

– Option to purchase additional items in the app.

– The offered items are priced differently in virtual currency, depending on each player’s current playing level.

– Alternatives to access all features in the application without using real money to buy any content.

Right now fans of this popular Talking Tom series can enjoy and experience the new playground that promises many interesting and dramatic things. Quickly download Talking Tom Gold Run game to your computer and try it out.





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