It’s Full of Sparks

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It’s Full of Sparks is the latest game from Noodlecake Studios Inc., which is bringing players into high-difficulty puzzles and multiplayer levels. It was released for free on Android and iOS, you can easily download games from the Play Store and Appstore.

It’s Full of Sparks APK download for Android

It’s Full of Sparks has a very simple plot to lead players into the adventure of the game. Eduardo is a happy firework. He lives a simple life with his friends. However, one day, he realizes that everyone around him will explode and disappear. Eduardo does not accept so he does not want to die and must do something to save his life. The story begins, you will do everything to Eduardo not explode.

Gameplay and control system

It’s Full of Sparks has very clear gameplay. You control the firework running and avoiding the obstacles to reach the final destination of the pool. The challenges in the game are diversified. The original game will be relaxing because it is easy to complete. But they are only the warm-up levels, the next challenge will be more difficult. There is a tool in the game that you need to know, the “Magic Artifact” is a shape of a glass, when wearing it, the player will control the appearance or disappearance of the obstacles provides that they have the same color. The initial gameplay will be simple that there will be one magic artifact. But it will be more complicated time to time when you have to control two Magic Artifacts at the same time. With one small mistake, you will have to play again from the beginning.
The game’s character control system is simple. With two directional keys on the right side, it allows the player to move the character to the sides. On the right side, there are keys to activate/deactivate Magic Artifact. Currently, It’s Full of Sparks offers more than 80 levels in different locations. The difficulty of the game is also increased. You will see the challenges in the game will be more difficult. The complexity of the same trap is higher, requiring you to be careful when moving as well as using the Magic Artifact.


It’s Full of Sparks has a nice and bright graphics. But it is the dead story. However, the world of the game is built with a simple but reasonable view angle from above. The motion effects are designed very smoothly to bring a very good experience for players. The character in the game is also very cute and funny. With this sleek and impressive design, you can experience the game for hours without feeling uncomfortable.
Note: It’s Full of Sparks is completely free for downloading and playing. However, you will only have 20 fireworks to play. If you want to have more firework, you have 3 options: watching a short ad, buying from real money for $ 0.99 / 20pcs or buying permanent Unlimited for $ 5.99. In general, you can choose to watch ads to get 20 fireworks completely free. It is quite simple and does not take too much time.


It’s Full of Sparks has recently been released, but the game really impresses the player with the cute graphics, simple gameplay but high difficulty. The game will challenge your mind and concentration. With more than 80 different levels, and it will be continued updating in the future. It’s Full of Sparks is an exciting game that we recommend you to download. The current game is completely free and contains some in-game IPA packages. You can download the game at the link below.

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