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Uploaded: August 22nd, 2017
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Iron Snout is a fast and brutal fighting game developed by SnoutUp. Once you play this game, it will be very hard to put it down. Iron Snout is a strange little game that you can’t stop playing. In Iron Snout, you will help a piglet fight against hordes of wolves which are trying to eat it. Let’s become an excellent kung-fu piglet that no one can beat off.

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Your character stands at the center of the screen waiting for enemies running towards. The piglet will be surrounded by packs of wolves that come every few seconds from both left and right side. The controls are simple. You just need to tap the side of the screen where you want your bursts of chops and kicks to happen, swipe up or down to jump and down immediately back to the ground. Also, the game runs smoothly, so that you can experience the combat much better and feel more excited.

This pig has the ability to perform a series of action movies, which will help you defend yourself successfully. This piglet is a martial arts master with various attack patterns such as punch, uppercut, kick, jump, split-kick, flip, duck, slam, catch, grab and throw. You can turn the tide of battle by using enemies’ weapons to attack them. Try to take down as many opponents as you can and remember to beat more wolves than your friends.

Main features of Iron Snout:

  • Endless fighting combat lets you play until you are killed.
  • Fast-paced and action-packed combat gives you satisfaction and pleasure while playing this game.
  • Movie-like combo moves make sure that the piglet can defend itself from hordes of enemies.
  • Use piglet’s hooves as the most fatal weapon.
  • Use enemies’ body parts and weapons to support for your attack.
  • Cute cartoon graphics.
  • Have fun with hyper-responsive touch controls, which helps this piglet perform a combination of many action moves.
  • Compete with your friends and enemies in Steam leaderboards



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