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IOS 11 KLWP for Android is a special personalization app that you may have never seen before. IOS 11 KLWP for Android will bring the design of IOS 11 to your Android device with the full widget.

IOS 11 KLWP APK (Paid) download latest for Android

Have you ever thought of the Android interface changes into the unique design of IOS 11? It is entirely possible when using the IOS 11 KLWP application for Android. As the name implies, this application will turn Android smartphone interface into IOS 11 with full features such as widgets, application icons, menus … However, this is not a separated application. It is a preset for KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key.

Before using IOS 11 KLWP for Android, users need to install it on the devices are using Nova Launcher, KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key.

IOS 11 KLWP Guideline:

This is detailed instructions for you to apply IOS 11 KLWP to the launcher that you are using.

In Nova Settings, follow these steps:

  • Choose 2 pages
  • Hide dock bar
  • Set App Draw and Widgets to “Swipe to Open”

In KLWP, follow these steps:

  • Go to menu, load preset, under “Installed”, select IOS 11 KLWP
  • Set the KLWP to 2 pages
  • Click the save icon, select “Set as wallpaper” and click “Apply”
  • Quit the app and enjoy the iOS interface on your Android phone.

The highlights of IOS 11 KLWP for Android:

  • 20 official IOS wallpapers of GM 4K resolution.
  • Many HD quality animated icons.
  • Touch Bar with iPhone X style.
  • IOS 11 slider contains 7-day weather forecasts, health tracking (requires Google Fit data), and upcoming events calendar.
  • Full Control Center
  • 3D touch button adjusts volume, battery, music, and preset settings.
  • Each wallpaper has a blurring setting.

Get the IOS 11 KLWP for Android right now

If you have any questions regarding IOS 11 KLWP for Android, you can send a message to the developer email at to get the answer as quickly as possible.

If you like the new interface of IOS 11 but you do not want to use an IOS device then do not hesitate to download and use IOS 11 KLWP for Android. It’s easy to use with high-quality backgrounds, sharp icons with IOS 11 compliant designs. The app is available on the Play Store for $0.99, after the purchase of the app, you can own lifetime Android personalized application and receive its continuous updates for free. Although it has just released, IOS 11 KLWP for Android has received very much positive feedback from users. It will continue to improve in the next version.


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