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INTERPLANET is one of the most attractive strategy games on mobile, which is promising to bring gamers the unique experience in 2018. If you are one of those gamers who love the fictional genre and want to experience the cosmic battles, INTERPLANET is the perfect choice for you.
INTERPLANET was officially launched in March 2018, developed and released by THUMBAGE. The game is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download it for free right now.

Download INTERPLANET (MOD Money) for Android

The game takes the player into a fantasy future world, in which there is a great development in technology. However, along with that development is the series of battles taking place between humans and enemies in universal space. The gamers will play the role of general with elite battleships and many powerful bases in universal space. Your main task is building and upgrading the base to collect more troops, explore new areas in the universe and fight the enemy.


In INTERPLANET, players will have to build their own space base using a series of TURRETS and MINES! The players can conquer the other one’s spaceships to get valuable resources while building a strong defence against the enemy attacks. Players can also explore the galaxy and move to the other abundant resource regions.
One of the indispensable activities that players in the game can do is finding them an alliance to join or can create a coalition on their own, gathering other players to join in to support each other in building and sharing resources. This is also the most necessary and wise solution for you to fight against the enemy. To get a win in INTERPLANET, it requires gamers a good strategy, knowing the plan to combine warships and alliances in the most effective way.

Game mode and graphics

In INTERPLANET, gamers will be joining forces with many other players around the world. You will experience the intriguing, engrossing scene from the game developer that gives the player the most authentic and exciting feel. INTERPLANET is built on the beautiful 3D technology platform. The space around the universe is elaborated, beautiful and true. The design is diverse and easy to see. The surrounding scene is meticulously described in detail, giving the player the opportunity to enter the real space. Colors are mostly dark but it does not make the players boring because of its creative points. The battle effects in the game are well built.


INTERPLANET is one of the attractive strategy game genres for gamers in 2018. With strategic gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics, the game promises to bring gamers the most enjoyable experience. The game is available for free on Android and iOS.


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