How to install XAPK files on Android and PC

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If you’ve installed a 3D game on Android via an APK file from an external source, you know that to play it, we need to add a directory containing the data of that game. This sometimes makes it difficult for people who are technically insecure and may encounter unexpected problems. Therefore, today I would like to introduce a new way to solve this problem – XAPK Installer app.

1. What is XAPK?

XAPK can be simply understood as a compressed file, consisting of two components: the APK file and the data directory. Because of this feature, users only need to download only one XAPK file of a game and perform the same installation as the APK file.Soon after, you can open the game right away without having to worry about your device having data or not – this solution is quite similar to the way the application is installed on iOS.

2. Benefits of XAPK

First, installing software, games through Google Play is always the easiest way. So, always consider this before using something like a third party like XAPK. However, there are applications, software that limits the country so we can not download. Or if you regularly change your device and do not want to spend too much time on Google Play, then re-download the games, which weighs a few GB.  As such, XAPK is the solution for you.

3. How to use XAPK

To install XAPK, you need an application called XAPK Installer. Currently, this application is available for both Windows and Android HDH so you can more easily install the game.

A. On Android

Download the XAPK Installer at the following link: click here
After the installation is complete, you need to move the XAPK file to the internal memory (or memory card), and then open the XAPK Installer application. At the main interface, the XAPK Installer will automatically find the XAPK files inside the device and display them in a pretty detailed list including software name, display icon, and size.

To install, just click the Install button and wait for a few seconds. The installation consists of two parts: First, install the Data file before and then the APK file. As for the installation of the APK file, the system will ask whether you want to continue or not, you need to click Next to continue. Once the installation is complete, you can use the software/game without any problems. You can also delete the XAPK installation file later, however, I recommend backing it up to a PC and reusing it when needed.
The only limitation of XAPK is that: XAPK Installer is 3rd party software so sometimes the application you install is not up to date. Then go one step further to the Google Play Store to update (if possible).

B. On Windows

XAPK Installer for Windows also provides the same functionality as Android. First, you will have to download the installation file here: click here and then proceed to install as normal .exe file.

Next, connect your Android device to your computer. Remember to enable USB Debugging mode so that the software can recognize your device. At the main interface, you can drag the XAPK file to perform the installation or open the path to where the file will be installed for installation. The good point of the XAPK Installer on Windows is that you can choose to install the data on the internal memory or external memory card.

Installation time will depend on the size of the application. In my experience, the file on 1GB takes about 1 minute to complete.

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