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Uploaded: January 29th, 2018
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If you are looking for a small size game, interesting gameplay and suitable for free time, you should become one of the cute characters to join in the wonderful journey in the latest Android Endless Runner game called Icy Bounce Mod APK for Android. Endless Runner attracts the players with addictive gameplay, in which players control their characters moving in endless space and they only stop when they encounter obstacles. Icy Bounce is also such a game, in which you will control the cute characters jumping over floating ice cubes, completing all levels and tasks to unlock new characters. You can play games with friends to compete with each other and find out who has the higher scores. Icy Bounce for Android is an addictive game that will make you play more and more. With colorful graphics, cute box-shaped characters combined and exciting gameplay, you will surely have fun and exciting gaming moments.

Icy Bounce Mod APK for Android

Icy Bounce has simple graphics and gameplay. The characters and scenery in the game are designed sharply, but it still shows different things, for example, you will see the lotus leaves and water flow when jumping on the rivers, or the huge rocks in the desert…
Download Icy Bounce for Android now and enter the fun journey of adventure. Do not forget to collect many characters and explore different locations.

Key feature of Icy Bounce for Android:

  • 32 unique characters include Dr.Penguin, Frogman, SpaceT Astronaut and singer Elvis the Pheasant (many new characters will be updated in the future).
  • Five interesting planets with different graphics and characters.
  • SpaceY Falcon Dragon will give you many new characters from different locations.
  • 3 free gifts every 3 hours.
  • Complete the interesting tasks.
  • Compete with friends to see who has higher scores.


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