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ICEY is a Hack N Slash android game developed by X.D. Network, released on both the Android and IOS platforms. If you are a fan of this genre, you should not miss it. ICEY is an Indie game developed on the PC and PlayStation in 2016. Possesses the tempo rhythm and Hack N Slash play style in a horizontal screen, the game allows players to move flexibly and shortly. After release, this game quickly gained the support of many players in many countries with positive reviews of the gaming community. And now, ICEY APK has officially published on the App Store/Play Store for mobile platforms. Those who are interested can easily download the game by using the link we provided below.

ICEY APK + OBB download latest for Android

ICEY is also the name of the main character in this game, players will follow ICEY on her journey to explore the true nature of the world. Set in a sci-fi style, players will face a lot of enemies armed with modern weapons or bases with sophisticated traps. Players will control their characters move through the different lands, fight against a lot of enemies.

From the beginning of the story, the player may not follow any hints and commands that can be advanced during the game. Players can skip missions, ignore directional arrows, and even skip boss battles. ICEY not only allows players to perform such actions but also provides feedback from the narrator. He will patiently open doors that players cannot open themselves, feel angry when players continuously fall into the sewer and shout when the player ignores the direction arrow and ignore many things. In the middle of the game, he will be angry, but everything does not stop. ICEY is more and more interesting, always keep the charm until the last minute. Who mistakenly think that game action is boring scene, who will think back and feel excited. This is really a great game of this genre.

How to install ICEY APK?

Ok, here are instructions on how to download and install this game:

  1. Download the APK file that we provided below
  2. Go “Settings” > “Security” > check the “Unknown sources“ box.
  3. Install APK file
  4. All done!

Flexible control

ICEY uses the virtual key system and virtual joystick so that players can easily control their characters as well as launch highly skilled combo phases with dealing massive damage to enemies. With the pushing pace of the game, you have to press very quickly on the screen to fight the number of enemies appear constantly. Although ICEY only uses 2D graphics, the interface of the game, as well as the redesigned images, are very clear and detailed, accompanied by charming combat effects, giving the player a good experience.

Impressive sounds and graphics:

It is not natural that a regular Hack N Slash 2D game has a capacity of more than 1.2GB, which is in the content of the plot is meticulously meticulous, with the voice of the character. Throughout the game, from the small dialogue to the transitions in certain levels. Due to its wide variety of platforms, the smoothness of the game changes with the resolution of the device. ICEY provides an option that allows the player to customize the image quality at three different levels Depending on the configuration of the device you are using, choose the most appropriate option.

The battles in ICEY games are more exciting than ever thanks to the well-designed graphics and dynamic animation. These things make the characters become more live than ever and the battles are fierce with fast-paced action. Overall, the quality of individual details in particular and graphics are generally excellent. Furthermore, the sound and music of the ICEY action game are also of high quality. It is interesting to know that the meticulous gameplay is like ICEY by an independent developer. ICEY APK for Android has become more prominent compared to other games of the same genre.

Those who mistakenly believe that game action is boring will have to think back on the ICEY experience. This is really a great game of this genre.


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