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Hustle Castle is a strategic RPG, which is similar to Fallout Shelter. But instead of managing a shelter from a nuclear disaster, you have to manage a medieval castle. You need to build new rooms, train the inhabitants of the castle, and attack the enemies.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod (Always Win) Latest/Update

In the beginning of the game, you are a king who is against the attack of the Abyss Lord and the zombies to protect the castle where people are living. You will be using the available troops and fight with them. After winning the battle, you will be the owner of Royal Castle and govern this castle with the inhabitants inside. You will start the necessary works. The outcome of your castle management will be evaluated by Dwellers’ Happy Points. You should pay attention to this.

Hustle Castle Mod Features:

  • Always Win
  • Unlimited Golds ( Will Update)
  • Unlimited Food ( will Update)

How to install Hustle Castle Mod:

  1. Remove the play store version (if you have installed)
  2. Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod APK file below
  3. Install game
  4. All done!

Your castle will be divided into different rooms with separate missions. Barracks is the most important place of the castle because this room allows you to recruit a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your castle.

Other rooms:

  • Throne Room: If you want to unlock new rooms, you need to upgrade the Throne Room.
  • Dining Hall: A place to create food – the ingredients needed to enter the battle.
  • Treasury: The place where gold is made to build and upgrade rooms.
  • Cellar: This room stores your entire supply of food.

Currently, Hustle Castle Mod APK offers nearly 20 different rooms that allow players to build and arrange in their castle. After creating the first units, you can protect your castle. The warriors are ready to pursue the Abyss Lord. With so many captives, he could not have gotten far.

Now you need to open the map and see what to do. We were transported through some woods full of beasts that smelled worse than our soldiers! These are the Orc: Woods. There are seven different areas that you have to overcome. However, you need to complete the first map before moving on to another area, each of which will have stages that you have to overcome. Each time, you lose 100 food, you should remember this to save food other things. After winning the first stage in Hustle Castle (Mod Auto win), you can receive gold, and in particular, you will save the newly added dweller to the castle. After each battle, you will also have the opportunity to receive Chests, open them to receive big rewards.

You have saved a few people from your army. Now you have a few more subjects. You need to fortify our castle for the battles to come. First, build a dining hall with enough food for the dwellers. Build a dining hall to produce food that meets the needs of residents of the castle. Then send one of your subjects to work in the Dining Hall to provide the castle with Food. Appoint a Treasurer to receive more gold for building and upgrading rooms in the Castle.

Key features of the game:

  • Build a castle of your own with the people living inside.
  • Protect people from Absyss Lord.
  • Upgrade rooms, exploit gold and food to serve battles
  • Arrange your troops appropriately, taking part in conquering 7 different lands.
  • Connect and play with your friends
  • Unlock achievements and enhance your title.

Download Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Mod Latest right now!

Hustle Castle is one of the most popular Android games for those who are fans of the building and managing game. You will be the owner of a castle with the people living. You have to build your powerful castle protect the residents inside. Mod version of Hustle Castle is available at apkgalaxy and you can download the game completely free with the link below.


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