Hungry Shark World 1

Hungry Shark World 3.1.4 APK MOD

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Hungry Shark World – An Amazing Adventure Game

Hungry Shark World 1  Hungry Shark World is the latest version of the famous “blood thirsty” adventure game named Hungry Shark Evolution with over 285 million downloads worldwide. If you don’t want to miss the sequel to this dramatic game, download and enjoy!

Hungry Shark World 3.1.4 apk mod

Hungry Shark World 1
Hungry Shark World is a new part of Hungry Shark game series developed by Future Games of London but posted on Google Play by Ubisoft. After a limited time in the region, now the game has officially covered worldwide.
Compared to its predecessor, Hungry Shark World also owns animated graphics, retaining all sharks (except Megalodon) and adding new fish species. However, the other point is that some species will not be similar to reality but are modeled on the creation of game developers or legends, such as Dunkleosteus armored fish or monsters of prehistoric Mosasaurus.

Hungry Shark World 1

In Hungry Shark World, players will continue to transform into sharks taking on the hunt for food through various game worlds and these locations will be unlocked gradually whenever you are switched to a new game. After being energized, sharks grow gradually, allowing gamers to hunt more creatures, while upgrading characters to new levels.
Currently, the game has 7 levels of shark and each level will be divided into 3 different levels. Your mission is to use the bonus money to upgrade Speed indicators (speed of swimming), Bite (speed to swallow prey) and Boost (acceleration ability) for sharks to help them quickly Get to the new level.

Main features of Hungry Shark World adventure game:

– Top quality 3D graphics.
– More different types of sharks with 7 sizes to collect, from Hammerhead to Great White.
– Attempt to hunt all the prey in the attractive food chain and upgrade your character to destroy the prey faster. Don’t hesitate, speed up the shark to swim faster or it will be hungry.
– 3 beautiful game worlds to explore: The Pacific Island – a destination with bright sunlight makes tourists fascinated, the Arctic Ocean – the cold wasteland – the “home” of the bases secret army and a series of underground experiments, the Arabian Sea – rich land with rich resources.
– 20 different types of missions to score very high points, hunt the most prey and of course, survive the series of human attacks.
– 100 types of enemies and prey: Whales, submarines, locals,…
– Equipped with shark toys with a variety of stylish accessories and special support. There is no perfect shark called without a headset, umbrella and laser launcher.
– Open the animal lock to support the ability to hunt like dolphins, octopus, turtles,… All are ready to help you.
– Unlock powerful combos, gold and lots of other objects to increase score.
– Search for the words “Hungry” to activate “Supersize” mode that allows you to expand the size of the shark to reach larger prey.

Hungry Shark World is free but includes paid IAP packages that allow gamers to use real money to buy diamonds and gold, and remove ads. However, if you feel confident with your abilities, you can disable this feature in the device’s settings so as not to affect the experience.
The game supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Turkish, Russian, Korean, Japanese.
If you are a Hungry Shark Evolution fan, there is no reason to refuse to download Hungry Shark World. Make sure you are ecstatic with the stunning graphics and the most magnificent shark in the world. Hurry up and download Hungry Shark World and join this exciting game right now.


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