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Hundred Soul is an action mobile game developed by the “father” of Dragon Nest, Hound 13, and it is expected to be released by LINE. The game is one of the most anticipated mobile game titles ever that used to appear at the unforgettable game event at the Unite Seoul 2017 conference, Hundred Soul (Mod) has officially launched for free on Android and you can download the game now.

Hundred Soul APK (Mod Money/Free Shopping) update/latest

As you know, Korea is now a pioneer in producing the best quality mobile games. It can be said that mobile games developed by Korean studios have a strong foothold in the Korean market and in the whole world thanks to its gorgeous graphics and compelling gameplay. Overwhelmed by the popularity of mobile games, the Hundred Soul can capture the attention of gamers can be considered as an initial success for this game. And what made people keep watching the game every single day? The only way to explain this is to go through the gameplay below:

Hundred Soul (Mod APK) was developed based on the innovative Unity 3D engine and the power of using this tool has also been verified through gameplay. From the character’s appearance to the surroundings are all wearing eye-catching 3D. Many experts have said that the Koreans have narrowed the graphical distance between the mobile platform and the PC. But with Hundred Soul, players have admitted that the graphics of the game even surpassed some of the famous game titles on PC.

Hundred Soul Mod money possesses the ultimate graphics platform and the crazy combat abilities of six different weapons. Thereby, the whole features of the 3D graphics, as well as the crazy hacking game, is shown through the trailer. With its super graphics, powered by the latest Unity technology, the Hundred Soul truly elevates itself to the super-PC.

Along with the great graphics, Hundred Soul also offers exciting action in the form of highly specialized combo skills. The game is also carefully developed in small details such as custom camera angle up and down for convenient viewing around. In addition, each skill has its own physics effects to each enemy on the battlefield. Moreover, Hundred Soul’s armament and equipment system are equally massive with over 100 different types of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses that are appropriate for each combat situation. For example, for enemies who are bone warriors, a large ax is more effective than a sword and vice versa. The game offers five character classes for players to choose from including swordsmen, archers, mages, and guardians.

Download Hundred Soul mod apk for free at apkgalaxy and you will be fully experienced the most amazing features of the game.


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