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If you are a fan of TV shows, you should not miss downloading and enjoying HQ Live Trivia, right now!

Television game shows have been one of the entertainment means for years, attracting billions of viewers and loved ones around the world. The applications of television game shows are varied across mobile platforms. Now, we would like to introduce you one of the most popular mobile applications, which is different from any application you have ever seen before. It is HQ Live Trivia.

Download HQ Live Trivia APK (Mod Extra Life) for Android/iOS

Although HQ Live Trivia has recently been released, it has makes it all the more amazing to be the most popular app on the App Store with millions of downloads and positive reviews, HQ Live Trivia surpasses other great games like Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, and Candy Crush Saga. So what made people crazy about this app? Let’s explore in this article, do not forget to click on the link below to download HQ Live Trivia for free.

Unique and Interesting

It is difficult to evaluate HQ Live Trivia in the best app or game category because it is the combination of the both. You will use HQ Live Trivia to participate in real-time online game shows and get rewards. It is really fun and exciting. With a stable internet connection, you can enjoy the game completely free on HQ Live Trivia.

When you open HQ Trivia for the first time, you need to create an account to start the game. Creating an account is very simple. You must enter your correct phone number so that you can activate your account. Do not forget to enable notifications in the app to receive new notifications when game shows are started.

When the game shows are not happening, you still have some things that you can do with HQ Live Trivia. You can open the app to view upcoming game schedules, and the app will display a notification on the main screen when you open it, informing you about game preparation time and bonus. You can view your current balance, your position in weekly rankings, invite your friends to download HQ Live Trivia and participate in game shows.

How to play game shows on HQ Live Trivia:

HQ Live Trivia provides a fixed schedule of game shows that you should remember, which will be played daily at 9 pm and 3 pm, full week. The most important that you have to participate in the game show at the start time. Because if you are late, you will not be able to participate and only be able to watch as a normal audience.

The gameplay is simple. When you participate, your task is to answer the multiple-choice questions on the screen. There are 12 questions with 3 answers selected for each sentence. You do not think about cheating by finding information on Google because the time for answering each question is only 10 second. If you answer the wrong question or to time out without selecting the answer, you will be out of the game. However, if you have “Extra Life” then you can use them to return to the game.

It is very simple to have the “Extra Life”. You will receive it when you invite other players to download the app and enter your referral code.

When the time for the question runs out, you can see the exact answer immediately, as well as view the answers from other players. In addition, the live chat feature will also appear throughout the game. There are a lot of suggestions and comments from people who are watching live shows. It is advisable for you to swipe left or right to hide this feature because it is not useful in answering questions. If you are not concentrated, the time may run out quickly.

You can contribute questions to the game shows

HQ Live Trivia is a daily game show, so the number of questions is huge and needs to be constantly updated. In order to diversify the game content, HQ Live Trivia also allows players to contribute questions to the game. You can submit them and wait for the administrator to review.

Extreme rewards:

HQ Live Trivia is a free application. However, participating in game shows in the app, you can get a big cash reward if you win. The prize is awarded to the final player who correctly answers all questions. The current prize is set at $ 1,000. But once it reaches more than $ 8,000. If you become the winner, you will receive the reward via Paypal. If all players are eliminated, the prize of the game will be moved to the next day. The prize money is sponsored by Intermedia Labs, the company behind the app, along with a number of affiliates, marketers, and partners.


HQ Live Trivia brings a whole new dimension to TV game shows. It is available on mobile devices, in which players can easily play anywhere. The success of HQ Live Trivia is unquestionable that the application is currently attracting millions of participants, with the reward being given to the winner on a daily basis. Do you want to become a winner in HQ Live Trivia? Do not hesitate to download HQ Live Trivia APK right now and join the game.


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