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Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Mod Apk 2019

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It is said that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still the most famous shooter game in the world because sometimes, it was even more famous than DOTA 2 or League of the Legend, … So, it is not difficult to understand that the series of games is a little bit similar to PUBG racing game, which was appeared on both PC and mobile in recent times and received very positive results.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Mod APK for Android

After such products, recently, HERO Game has launched Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival. This is the 3D mobile game title of the same PUBG survival. It is a game from China, but Hopeless Land has even chosen to change the English. It shows that the publisher is very aware of opportunities that there has the huge number of PUBG fans in the world.
Participating in Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, gamers will be entering a large map with over 120 players participating in PUBG survival standard. Accordingly, the game allows you to choose between playing single mode or team mode before entering the game.
The goal is still very familiar, and each player needs to quickly collect essential equipment, items and weapons after being dropped from the plane to any location on the map. From here, you must fight the rest of the players, try to survive and destroy all targets, as well as become the last survivor.

In addition, Hopeless Land offers different maps with detailed terrain and weather. They can affect your combat in the different ways. Like the PUBG, Hopeless Land also has a full range of guns, armour and standard accessories for a Battle Royale game. Moreover, among the vehicles moving in the game like cars, motorcycles… Hopeless Land also gives the player control a helicopter right on the touchscreen device. This feeling is so great! There are 3 main modes of play: Solo, Duo, Squad for players to choose from:

  • Solo: Play alone mode
  • Duo: Invite a friend and join the fight.
  • The squad is for 3-4 players, usually for corps.

Hopeless Land key features:

  • Open world, players are free to move, explore a large island.
  • Single player or team mode option in the battle for the survival of 120 people.
  • There are countless guns and equipment to collect and choose.
  • Allows the player to customize the character’s appearance
  • Various transportation options include cars, motorcycles and even helicopters.
  • Multi-terrain vehicle navigation.

Mod Information:

  • A Radar shows where other players are
  • Aimbot

With the sharp 3D graphics, bright colors, the competitive gameplay, Hopeless Land is worthy PUBG Mobile game for players. Currently, the game only supports Android platform, iOS users need to wait longer.


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