Hoop Stars

Hoop Stars – An easy to pick up basketball experience

Uploaded: February 18th, 2020
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Hoop Stars – An easy to pick up basketball experience

Hoop Stars is the latest super random game released by SayGames. As interesting and simple as all the other games in the SayGames app catalog, Hoop Stars is definitely a game that anyone can choose and can be as addictive as SayGames’ most successful games.

Hoop Stars is a unique basketball game of sorts where you actually control a hoop that floats with every tap of the screen and your goal is to basket the hoop through the floating ball to score a point. Every win earns you gems that you need to collect to purchases new skins for your hoops and balls.

Hoop Stars Hoop Stars

The hoops move their position every time you score. It’ll swap to the other side of the screen, and change its height as well. Score a point, and repeat. That’s the basic rhythm of the experience.

Hoop Stars actually packs a very simple game mechanic into a game that offers basic controls. Tapping on the left side of the screen flicks your hoop to the left and tapping on the right side flings the hoop towards the right. As simple as it all seems, navigating your hoop to pass through the ball can be a challenge especially while competing with an opponent.

Hoop Stars Hoop Stars

While the game may appear too simplistic and offers challenges fun only for kid, it does offer plenty of challenges player across all ages can find joy and excitement in. If you are in a bit of a pinch beating some opponents on more challenging level or if you are rating to earn hems fast to complete your collectioon of skins for your hoops and balls.

This is a game you’ll slip into over and over again, and it’s likely to become your go-to sports game for those brief gaming moments that mobile is perfect for.


Link google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.highcore.hoopstars


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