Hollow Ninja

Uploaded:December 17th, 2017
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Hollow Ninja is an RPG mobile game developed and released by LIP Studio, the mod version of the game is also available at our website so you can download it from the link below. In this game, you will be playing a Ninja, you get a mission from Hokage to find food for the whole village, the task is not easy and you will have to try to complete it.

Hollow Ninja APK Mod Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked for Android

The story is set in the fantasy world of the past, you live in a village, with your family and friends, your life is turned upside down when many giant monsters emerge from the dark, they attack people and scared them, so no one wants to go out. You are a brave ninja, you will receive a mission from the village chief (hokage) to go out looking for food for everyone and protect them from attacks of ghosts.

You will be armed with weapons to fight enemies, your enemies are spiders, ghost larvae or ugly-looking monsters… Use the sword to slash everything on your move, keeping and releasing attack keys to make the combo, do not forget to activate the other two skills of the character when they are unlocked.
Hollow Ninja is an RPG game so you will be upgrading items for your character, you can use the items you picked up when fighting enemies and equipping your character.
The map in the game is divided into different areas, you must complete all stages of one area before moving to the next land.

Hollow Ninja game features:

  • Become a brave ninja and save the world
  • Fight off dangerous enemies.
  • Hundreds of different missions, many lands to explore.
  • Upgrade your weapon and character.
  • Graphics in the game are very impressive, the sound too.

Thank you for visiting our website to download Hollow Ninja Mod, you guys can leave a comment if you get bugs or anything.


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