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Hole.io is Voodoo’s first real-time online game – known for its numerous Arcade and Puzzle mobile games. Has Hole.io been as successful as its predecessors? In Hole.io, you control a cosmic black hole, move on the ground and swallow everything possible. Black holes are a concept that few people know about, but the power to scare people is something we can not deny. It’s big, ready to swallow everything inside, and no one knows what’s inside the black hole, because nothing can get out of it. Are you ready to become a black hole? The article below will guide you on how to download Hole.io – a game that allows you to hunt and be hunted by black holes.

Become a black hole then eat everything you can.

Yep, Hole.io allows players to become a black hole, move in the city and eat objects that it can. Your fight takes place in a big city – where complete freedom to move and find prey; this is also the arena of the game, where you play in real time with other players.
The question here is: How to play and win?

First, you need to remember, the gameplay in real-time, so you should use a stable internet connection so that it does not crash. Also, this is a real-time battle; there will be no room for mistakes, eat or be eaten? All based on your skill. The main thing that you need to care about is that not everything is edible. There are large size objects that you can not eat as the size of the black hole is smaller. The control in the game is simple, all you need to do is keep your finger on the screen and move it to direct your black hole to move anywhere on the map. In the first process, your primary task is to control the black hole looking for and swallowing small objects such as people, pots, water pipes, traffic lights. After each meal, the size of your hole will increase, until you can easily eat giant things like buses, or a high rise building. Hole.io keeps the traditional gameplay of other “io-games” that allow you to “kill” other players if their hole size is smaller than yours.

Every match in the game takes place in 2 minutes, so you need to move fast and eat everything you can, the map in the game is not too large, you may encounter other players while running. If your hole is bigger, you can eat them. By limiting the duration of a game makes the game more interesting, at this point, the player’s skill will decide the winner. Moving fast and looking for objects that can be swallowed are important factors to win.

Graphics and sound

If you are a fan of Voodoo games, Hole.io will not disappoint you. In-game graphics are built on the 2.5D platform; players will use the view from above to observe. Colours in the game are very bright, a pleasant feeling when playing for a long time.  Voodoo was very careful when designing maps in the game; the small details are completed to make the city of the game more authentic. Another point that I always enjoy at Voodoo games is the ability to interact physically, Hole.io still keeps this, you control the hole and interact with the surroundings. In some situations, when encountering large objects, you need to move skillfully so that it can enter the crater hole.

The sound in the game is nothing special, just simple background music that players do not feel bored playing.

Play with friends

In addition to the regular game mode, where you are automatically paired with other random players, the game allows you to create a “Match” and play with your friends. Especially in this game mode, you do not need an internet connection. The connection used is Bluetooth. Here are instructions for you to create a “Local Match” in the game and invite your friends to play. Do not forget to put the devices not far away so that the connection is more stable.

  • Select Local Multiplayer on the right side of the screen
  • Select Create Local Match
  • Now you can invite your friend to join the match

Time to download Hole.io

Overall, Hole.io is a simple and fun mobile game. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to play, just use one finger, control your hole and eat the whole world! The game is released by Voodoo, free to play on Android and iOS.




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