Hidden Folks

Uploaded:January 13th, 2018
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Hidden Folks for Android is an addictive quiz game for mobile. You have to look for small hidden characters and objects with extremely simple and attractive graphics.

Hidden Folk for Android has a unique design that provides a series of interactive scenes with moving images and requires you to search for hidden characters and objects in the frame. Finding colorful items is difficult. But finding things to look for in a black and white design is more difficult than ever. When you start playing, Hidden Folks for Android will make you lose control because of its difficulty, with the classic class. However, when you are familiar with the eyes and adapt gradually, you will be fascinated by this game. It can be said that the black and white draft is the attraction of Hidden Folks for Android. It has very attractive features.

Hidden Folks APK download (Paid) for Android

The gameplay of Hidden Folks for Android is not new. You still have to look for every requested item in the game. The scene is quite large, so you should zoom in to find all the items easily. In addition, hidden targets have hints about where you can find it and you do not forget to rely on sound to determine what to look for more quickly. You should open the speaker louder or wear a headset. Finding people and things was hushed up by interacting with the tiny hand draft scenes. Open the tent, watch the bushes, and hit the crocodile! A variety of goals are displayed for you to search. Touch the target to see the hint, and find enough to unlock the next area.

Key features of Hidden Folks for Android:

  • 20+ hand-draft areas.
  • 190+ searching goals.
  • 1400+ oral sound effects.
  • 280+ different ways of interaction.
  • 3 color modes.
  • ICloud synchronize.
  • 22 different languages.

If you love challenging hidden object games, try this fun game. Do not give up at the beginning because it is sure as you later immersed in the world with only 2 colors of Hidden Folks for Android.


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