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Heroes Rage is a GMO simulation action game. The plot of the game is based on the theme of myths (fantasy) with heroes fighting each other to bring glory to yourself. Beginners will be given a choice of 8 classes, including Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Priest, Paladin, Monk, Mage, and Hunter. Each character class has its own unique gameplay, as well as strong and weak characters. However, only Warriors are given the initial try, the following character classes must be unlocked slowly by leveling up characters first.

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Taking on the battle in the game, you will have to control the character with the familiar virtual key from the keys to move and attack. Up to 3 special skills that you can activate to gain the advantage. These skills will differ from one character to another, such as Mage will focus on control and support teammates, while Warrior has close skill technique that requires you to stand very close to the enemy.

Heroes Rage Gameplay:

Heroes Rage (Mod Money) introduces the action combat mechanism in the game. You are required to continually control your moves to increase the effectiveness of the attack, as well as to accurately deliver attacks. Each time you kill an opponent, you will have a buff that will increase some damage in order to prepare for a confrontation with another player. Heroes Rage possesses a nice and sharp graphical platform with multiplayer. cute cartoon-style object.

More impressive is the sense of humor as well as the lines in the game easy to attract gamers from the first look. The main activity in Heroes Rage Mod APK revolves around various modes of play ranging from chaos to protecting the king… ensuring enough for the player to experience the good game. It is very fun to invite your friends to play and fight together.



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