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“A copy of Overwatch?” – This is probably the first one you will think of when experiencing Heroes of Warfare, a blockbuster MOBA-FPS game from Blizzard, was released last year. However, if you are not eligible to experience Overwatch then Heroes of Warfare will be a miniature version that you can enjoy on your phone. Heroes of Warfare is a MOBA game that combines the best FPS genre on mobile. The game offers a compelling experience with a combination of genres and games that give you the feeling of a true “Overwatch Mobile”.

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Heroes of Warfare is an Android game released by 4933 Agency in China this year. The most impressive feature of Heroes of Warfare is that the game has a complete copy of the elements of the Overwatch and apply to the gameplay mechanism of the game.

The game is designed for gamers who love the style of the future, with the battles of high-tech fighters. In this game, it will have a 5v5 Combat System that you can play in the battle to beat other opponents. It also shows special skills and completely different from the previous series. The integration with the game between MOBA and FPS has made the game famous and is attractive.

About gameplay, Heroes of Warfare has three main game modes including Quick Match, Rank Battle and Casual Modes, whereby players must compete against each other in a certain area and a specific mission as required. Because Heroes of Warfare is a MOBA and FPS game, each character in the game has a specific role based on the character’s system of skills. Players can choose among Tanker, DPS, Support or Healer depending on their play style. The Heroes of Warfare combat interface has been optimized to fit the mobile platform, using a virtual joystick to control the character’s movement, attack, and use skills. In addition, the game also allows players to customize the position of the virtual key to fit the habits of each person.

On the graphics side, Heroes of Warfare is not as good as Overwatch, but it is still acceptable. With sharp 3D graphics, nice gun effects, games can still be the most difficult players. After a long time released in the country, just recently, 4933 has decided to release the English version for this title and release to the worldwide users.

The game is divided into four major heroes, including Offense, Defense, Tank, Support, heroes are shaped as well as use different skills and weapons, most of the hero is the same Overwatch.In each battle you need Demonstrating your strengths as well as your teammates, it will be a visual effect to easily enthrall players into endless matches, which everyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

It is known that Heroes of Warfare (Mod Money) is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, released as a free with an in-app purchase system. However, we bring you the latest mod version. Heroes of Warfare full of features have been unlocked completely free. In addition, the game is available widely on the Play Store and App Store, readers can visit the address below to download games and experience.


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