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Heroes of Might – Idle Fantasy RPG is an SLG mobile strategy game with an auto system from the makers and developers of Titan Orz Entertainment, a new developer of the mobile game. The game is greatly inspired by the monumental tactical game of the same name. Surely, the mobile game Heroes of Might has an ancient European background, in which the myths are not too strange. The appearance of the mysterious creatures was created an unending war among the empires.

Heroes of Might – Idle Fantasy RPG Mod APK for Android

First of all, it must be mentioned in the works of Heroes of Might – Idle Fantasy RPG, because this is an indispensable element that any player must pay attention to research for development in the long term. In each fortress, there will be many different types of projects that bring different benefits such as resources, military and knowledge. In addition, there are many other works as the role of bridge to connect to other activities such as Guild, Glory Gate… depending on the development purpose of the player. They will have to choose the direction to suit their situation.
Besides, the character’s moving system in the game is simulated like the Heroes of Might and Magic. There is only one different thing that the movement scale is not limited. In addition, the combat system in each battle is divided into grid shapes, where the player can comfortably control the commander, destroying all fronts.

Heroes of Might – Idle Fantasy RPG Key features:

  • Your Heroes are Never Offline
  • Create your Epic Empire
  • Raise Armies to Attack Enemy
  • Explore the World with Your Heroes
  • Face Off in Legendary Battles
  • Form Alliances and Make Friends
  • Endless Gameplay

Heroes of Might mobile unit is divided into the different powers, players can learn by looking at the parameters of each army. However, each army unit possesses its own strength, so it is important to balance and combine these branches appropriately. The tribes of these armies are also diverse, from the fairy, the ghost, the person to the god and the dragon will appear during the game. In addition to exploring the territory, expanding the kingdom, the player can choose a guild and develop it with other friends. In addition, by challenging the glorious portal, the player can show the strength in front of players in the world.


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