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Monster Smile Inc. has recently launched its latest mobile game named HeroCry Saga, which features a tactical role-playing game with 3D graphics and a cute character design. Currently, HeroCry Saga is being released in limited areas for free on both Android and iOS platforms. The readers can access the links at the bottom of this page to download games and experiences.

HeroCry Saga Mod APK English for Android

HeroCry Saga’s gameplay is heavily influenced by RPG from South Korea, with photo rolling styles such as Seven Knights of Netmarble, which released the next version of the game called Seven Knights 2. You can click here if you want to try it.
However, HeroCry Saga is not a replica, the point makes the difference in HeroCry Saga is probably the design of characters in 3D animation, which is very fun and great visual effects. Each character has its own personality and appearance. Like other turn-based mobile games, players in HeroCry Saga will be controlling and managing a team of heroes, taking part in battles and destroying their opponents to win.

HeroCry Saga brings the great number of heroes, with more than 300 characters. Players can collect, recruit their squad of warriors, powerful shaman, or even mysterious creatures that only appear in legends. Depending on your playstyle as well as the skill set of each character, you need to make the appropriate choices to create the perfect team. Each character in the game has the certain custom equipment, weapons … you can also upgrade them to increase the heroes indicators.

About the battle system in HeroCry Saga, most characters fight automatically, but they still need the player’s intervention to help their characters use the finishing touches when the Mana reaches the maximum. If you know how to combine and keep up with the right timing, the power of the attack can be maximized and inflict massive damage on the hero. HeroCry Saga heroes are also divided into classes, so the player needs to understand this to be able to select the most suitable heroes in each battle.
In addition, HeroCry Saga also allows players to create or join the alliance, in which you can search for teammates to fight giant bosses and earn extreme rewards.

Key features of the game:

  • Free Turn-based RPG Mobile.
  • 3D graphics with cute character design style
  • The large map is divided into many different lands to conquer.
  • Abundant mission system, daily tasks with great rewards
  • Fight and defeat Boss to get the reward.
  • Searching and unlocking your heroes, the number of heroes up to more than 300.
  • Play with your friends in PvP mode.
  • Currently, HeroCry Saga is available on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as a free-2-play game with the in-app purchase, so players can buy some real money items. The readers can visit the address below to download the game.


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