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Hero Z Doomsday Warrior is a real-time strategy game released by AKAXI STUDIO; today we bring you the latest mod version of the game, you can download it with the link that we provide. This game tends to be violent, so it is only for people over 12 years old.

The Background in the Heroes of Doomsday Warrior Zombies takes place when the world is entering a period of extinction before the outbreak of the Zombie epidemic, which has attacked and killed millions of people. What will you do to save the world? In the game, you will be controlling the superheroes with perfect fighting skills, and they are teamed up to be the most energetic team, working together to destroy the Zombie in real-time battles. The game features beautiful 3D graphics and tactical – immersive gameplay, the gameplay requires players to be very flexible in combining superheroes for maximum effectiveness in combat. Your ultimate goal is to kill the zombies and get the big rewards.

Do not forget that every Hero in Doomsday Warrior Heroes has their own unique abilities and power stats. They are also rated by stars. In addition to building and fighting, you need to arrange the heroes together to maximize their strength in battle, all depending on the player’s ability to use tactics. Of course, luck is a small part of the final result. In addition to choosing the right heroes, you can also upgrade to make them stronger. The game brings a lot of items, weapons that allow you to equip characters and change their attributes. At the beginning of the game, you will receive low equipment and necessary infrastructure.
Over the battle, by destroying the zombies and winning, you will receive rewards, then you can upgrade these works to unlock new technologies as well as new heroes.

The game also features skill upgrades for heroes to improve their combat abilities. An important element in the game is the soldiers, who can be trained to play a supporting role in the battle. Currently, the game has three hero classes and four soldiers classes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
The key to your team’s long-term survival in the game is that whenever you go into zombie attacks, you should use the spy force to spy on. This determines which hero to use, which army to join to minimize damage after each battle.

Hero Z Doomsday Warrior is a zombie-themed mobile strategy game that you can not miss. This game is released for free on Android


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