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Hero X Hero is an action game that allows players to battle with multiple enemies at the same time. Hero X Hero mod apk is now officially released Funigloo global version on both iOS and Android. Recently, Funigloo Korea has teamed up with Concom to release the highly anticipated mobile action game Hero X Hero on both the iOS and Android platforms around the world. Interested Gamers can freely download at the link at bottom of the article.

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It is known that Hero x Hero (Mod money) was released long ago in Korea, but now officially released worldwide. This is one of the action games that allows players to fight with multiple enemies at once. Hero X Hero has a simple fighting mechanism. Includes an analog navigational key and skill keys fixed on the player’s phone screen. Through the mission system, gamers can explore story systems – in which most Korean titles have never disappointed players.

Hero x Hero mod apk is built on modern 3D graphics and lovely chibi style. The characters in the game are meticulously designed with distinctions from face to the costume. All of them are well-groomed, featuring smooth animation and stunning lighting effects. The game offers players with five classes of characters including Swordsman, Archer, Sorceress, Hammerer, and Assassin a long with unique combat skills and weaponry. Each character class has its own strengths and weaknesses but players can balance it in battles.

In the game, the player can customize and combine the fighting skills of the character. In addition, players are free to customize their characters in a distinctive style and combine character combat skills. In particular, in addition to the basic skills, there are some hidden skills that appear when you create a particular combo chain. This is the most different things from other games of the same genre. Besides, players are also customizing their hero with over 35 colorful and extremely cute outfits. The main task of the player in Hero X Hero is still going in the traditional way. Through 500 quests from the dungeons, challenges you to collect various types of equipment and materials to upgrade and improve your character’s strength. Difficulty in Hero x Hero (Mod dmg) will increase from time to time, as the more and more clever monsters appear. Accordingly, players must use the same skills and experience they have to win the game.

In addition to the storyline mode, Hero X Hero also offers players various options such as endless dungeons or community features such as crossing team or PvP arena.

Key features of Hero X Hero APK for Android:

  • Very nice 3D graphics
  • Good sound, live photo
  • Attractive and challenging adventure game
  • Beautiful character and play style
  • A lot of support for Android devices

Along with Hero X Hero mod apk, Siegefall and several other strategy games are of particular interest, besides downloading the Hero X Hero you can download Dragon Project mod to play with your friends.


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