Hero Puzzle

Hero Puzzle – Play to relax youself!

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Hero Puzzle – Play to relax youself!

In today’s gaming world, it’s not hard to find fighting games. They are indeed ‘invading’ the gaming world with massive amounts and publicity. Therefore, finding simple, novel games and following a separate story is quite difficult. Games with compelling storylines and novel ways of playing attract players in their own way. One such game is Hero Puzzle, a game that attracts the attention of many gamers because of its difficulty

This game is developed by PHOENIX GLOBAL. If you are looking for an exciting and exciting adventure puzzle game, try Hero Puzzle whenever you have free time.

Hero Puzzle is a challenging and fun thinking game with multiple trivia puzzles and brain teasers. If you like to solve choice, pipe, and pin games, try this free hero puzzle game for brain test! Train your logic, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Think you’re smart enough to solve all these tricky puzzles? It’s not just another stupid test. Our hard questions may really stump you for a while! Install now to find out!

Hero Puzzle Hero Puzzle

Join the hero’s journey to rescue the hero in the most unique Hero Rescue game today, the game was developed for those who love brain hack and adventure puzzle games. How much do you think your IQ is? Try installing and playing Hero Puzzle right now.

Hero Puzzle has a fairly new puzzle method, players will perform dragging or pushing the peg bars to find a reasonable direction to help the hero in the game can destroy the monster name, Rescue the princess and get the treasure. The puzzles look very easy but be careful because with just one small mistake you will fail immediately.

Hero Puzzle recreates the familiar context of the princess prince rescue genre. In it, the princess is imprisoned in a castle protected by monsters and thousands of traps. They are arranged along the way. If you like adventure games then this is the game you should experience. Besides the main goal is to rescue and have a happy ending, gamers can enjoy great gameplay. It is defeating monsters, overcoming pitfalls and opening a safe path for the princess. After completing the game, players will have the opportunity to receive rewards for the next challenge, such as money, gold or support packages.

The number of screens in Hero Puzzle is extremely terrible with hundreds of regular levels. In addition, the game also has other game modes such as Water Pipe, Pin Mode, … waiting for players to experience.

In addition to the ultimate goal of saving the princess, the player can participate in many other activities such as connecting the water pipe, removing the battery in the right order to open the door after each mission, your reward will be the rescue of the princess. and the treasure contains many fascinating rewards. Besides, the game offers you thousands of puzzles. You will not easily complete the game. The challenges of the game really train your brain. Moreover, you can compete with friends or other gamers around the world to have more fun.

Hero Puzzle Hero Puzzle

There are dozens of missions to complete that will require the best of your ingenuity and logic to foresee where the danger may come from and how to neutralize it.As the levels get harder and harder, you must think of ways to complete them before you are attacked and defeated by monsters or challenges.

Main mode: A mini choice question game with several baiting questions challenging your thinking and luck. Choose this or that, there’ll be a consequence. Can you pass all the levels without playing again any round?
Water Pipe: You are working with plumbings by tapping pipes to make a pipeline to connect colored water flows from a source to the matching output pipe. Train your brain by connecting every pipe in many challenging levels.
Pin Mode: As the name suggests, you have to pull out the pins one by one. But the challenge is that you have to pull them in the right order.

Hero Puzzle is a simple puzzle game but the sound of the game is very well invested. The game has melodious soundtrack, dramatic sound in the challenge screen. In addition, the sound of the lava when combined with water, the cry when destroyed or the bells when the victory of the hero is also carefully added by the publisher.

The graphics of the game are bright, cute and approachable, although the story of a hero who destroys monsters but does not tend to fight violence. The design of the game screen is changed and updated continuously without duplication.

Hero Puzzle Hero Puzzle

• Download Hero Puzzle for free.
• Solve tons of tricky brain teasers in this choose game.
• Enjoy a variety of levels to exercise your mind!
• Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges.
• Use different mechanics, think bigger!
• Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills.
• Focus on the details and boost your brain power!
• Find solutions to the riddles!
• Try simple and easy gameplay with no pressure and no time limit.
• Pass time while improving your brain and mood.
• Play now and have endless fun! This addictive mind game is suitable for people of all ages.

Hero Puzzle is a perfect choice for those who love the puzzle game genre. The interesting puzzles are constantly updated with a huge selection of screens will be no small challenge for those who want to challenge their own thinking.

I bet you that Hero Puzzle is the most unique rescue game available today. Many players were amazed at the amazing features of this new puzzle game. Now is the time for you to experience and enjoy.Try downloading and playing it for sure you will enjoy this game.

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heropuzzle.pullpin.herorescue




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