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Hero Academy 2 is the next version of the Hero Academy game series launched by RobotEnterprise in the mobile gaming market. The game has familiar traditional turn-based strategy gameplay combined with real-life card elements, Hero Academy 2 will bring you drama battles. The game has been released to global users on both Android and iOS.

Hero Academy 2 Mod APK for Android

After the first version was removed from the Play Store, RobotEntertainment has continued to develop the second version of the game. The new one is still possessing the traditional turn-based strategy game. But Hero Academy 2 has been improved in terms of graphics, skill effects and sound. In addition, Hero Academy 2 is adding new features, players will not control the military to destroy the enemy’s troops to win. The main goal in the second version is to destroy the crystals, and thanks to the new card game system to enhance the tactics for the game.

When you join the Hero Academy, you will continually come to the games that are divided into the army that you own. The main task of the player is to destroy all enemies or strike straight into the crystal of the opponent’s life. However, you need to have certain tactics due to the limit of 5 actions when it comes to. You will have to consider between placing troops, moving them, attacking or using items, special skills or buffs…

The card system is rich and varied, each card has its own unique usage, and players need to properly utilize the cards that they draw after each turn to take advantage on the map, and coordinate the destruction of the target as quickly as possible. You do not forget to keep in mind the location of the enemy, a little sluggish that can make you defeated.

With a great balance between intense and friendliness, Hero Academy is a very easy and addictive game. The online community is quite large that you will always find a suitable opponent to try.

The game still has the cartoon style graphics as the previous version. However, it has a lot of improvements, as well as effects, and the sound of the game, which is more elaborately designed. Accordingly, Hero Academy 2 has officially launched the global version on both Android and IOS.


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